Describe a place which you showed to a foreigner in your hometown Jan to Apr 2023

Describe a place that you showed to a foreigner in your hometown

  • When was it?
  • What did you show him?
  • Why did he like it?


Although there are many popular places in my hometown, one is unique and worth mentioning.

When was it?

Last year, my cousin came to India with one of his Canadian friends. His friend’s name was Andrew, and he wanted to know more about the history and culture of my state Punjab because most of his friends in Canada were Punjabis.

What did you show him?

Since Andrew didn’t have much time, I took him to one place where he could gather significant information. I showed him the Burj Fateh at Village Chappar Chiri Kalan in the Mohali district.

The Burj Fateh complex is made at the location where a great Sikh warrior named Banda Singh Bahadur fought a battle with the Mughals

 The Mughals had weapons, well-equipped cavalry and massive infantry. On the other hand, Sikhs had cavalry and infantry but did not have artillery. Sikhs fought with determination, dedication and discipline in the battle and gave a humiliating defeat to the Mughal Empire, and the leader Wazir Khan (Sirhind), was killed in the fight.

Why did he like it?

He liked the place because of its incredible architecture and design. Moreover, inside the complex, there is a museum where he watched the light and sound show to amass information for his study.

He also read many books for three days in the museum. In the end, Andrew told me that the visit to Chappar Chiri was an emotionally enriching experience for him, and the quality time spent with him will always remain

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