Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS speaking Cue card by IELTSKING

Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

You should say:-

– Who is this person
– What they inspired you to do
– How they inspired you
– How you feel

Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

Sample answers (1) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

Being a creative person, I have this habit of doing exciting things. And on many occasions, I have earned accolades for that. Two years ago, I did an interesting thing by getting inspiration from someone. My dad inspired me to go beyond the conventional domain to help others. Two years back, there was a lockdown in my nation due to the corona pandemic. Because of low immunity, many senior citizens remained indoors to save their lives. My father left no stone unturned to provide unabated support to the older adults so they could live their lives with pride and dignity.

I wished to join my father in that noble cause, but he had a better plan for me. He inspired me to create a single platform to help all senior citizens. I formed a Whatsapp group connecting all the senior citizens and vendors from items like groceries and vegetables. My idea worked like a charm, and the senior citizens felt good after that because instead of calling all vendors one by one for daily needs, they started sending messages. After a few days, the system went into auto mode and is continuing to date.

I feel good about it because I have done something for the senior citizens who always help the youngsters to lead their lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. The heaps of experience the elderly have helped us to handle conflicts adroitly by taking advice from them. Therefore we must help senior citizens during challenging times.


1. who motivates children the most?

In the budding years, the parents and the teachers motivate the children the most. However, teenagers start following a role model to lead their careers toward an impressive growth trajectory.

2. How can teachers motivate children?

Teachers can motivate children through various things. Firstly they should conduct pep talks in the class to encourage. Secondly, they must reward children for success and inspire them if they fail.

3. How is it different from teaching kids?

When teachers teach students, the central focus is on learning, which is to get good marks with a clear understanding. On the other hand, motivating the children requires a different approach, in which the educator helps the learners to hone their talents and work on their weaknesses.

4. What should teenagers have?

During our teenage, we have a lot of energy, and it is the bounden duty of our teachers and parents to divert that energy towards worthwhile things. They should motivate the teenagers to focus on their strengths and hone their skill set to lead their careers towards success.

Sample answers (2) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

Actually, she is my friend’s mother. That day my friend introduced me to her. During the conversation, I came to know that she is a government teacher in a school and also a great chef. She told me after returning from school, she gives training to learners about cooking as she is really into this skill.

Not only this, she has created a youtube channel in which cooking-related videos are uploaded by her. I got inspired as well as surprised after listening to her like how she manages her time despite having a hectic schedule but she is a very organized person. As I am also passionate about cooking but I do have not enough time to create a youtube channel after meeting her she gave me lots of tips about organizing time.

Although I am pursuing my study she inspired me to follow my dreams of cooking too. I really felt confident and now I am planning to create my youtube channel I will upload videos regarding culinary skills which will not only help people to learn about it but I can earn income as well. So, she inspired me to do something interesting.

Sample answers (3) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups


I like to study and work with those whom I am comfortable with and have excellent bonding. We need to understand different situations to get favorable results. If a person is with similar interests then unbelievable results can be achieved.

Who is that person?

Here I would like to talk about my elder brother Raman. He has completed his graduation from abroad, now he has his institute in my hometown. We are the best when we work together. In Fact, we know the strength each other and we motivate others to work together.

Why would you like to study with him/her?

I like to study with him just because he is excellent in academics and has a better understanding of certain subjects and he can explain to me quickly. We will make a good company to study, due to his such qualities

What will you study?

I would study my academic subject with him, especially English and math which I find most difficult in my study and he has great knowledge of these subjects. we do not hesitate to help each other with difficulty and the most interesting thing is we enjoy each other company in education so we like to study together

Sample answers (4) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

Well, there are a number of people in my life who always encourage me for doing good deeds. However, today would like to talk about a special person who always support me and inspired me to do an interesting thing. She is none other than my mother. Her name is…. She is ….years old. She is not only my mother but also a best friend with whom I can share everything that is going on in my life.

Actually, last month during my 12th standard, I was depressed due to my exams. Although I did not leave a stone unturned in the preparation for my exams yet I was a little bit nervous. At that time my mother recommended I do yoga and listened to music. I found it very interesting as it works for me as a stress buster when following this method felt full of beans or relaxed.

Moreover, my mother assisted me in my studies. I burnt the midnight oil in order to achieve the highest marks in the class. Even today, my mother always motivates me to help poor and needy people. Really, she is quite down to earth person. I always pray to God for her long life.


  1. Who motivates children the most?

According to my perspective, parents always encourage their children to do good. As they are not only their first teacher but also have a lot of experience in their life. Apart from this, teachers also motivate the children.

2. How can teachers motivate children?

As I consider there are a plethora of ways which assist teachers to inspire children. Firstly, tutors can tell stories of prominent individuals to infants which definitely put a positive impact on them. Moreover, they can broaden the horizon of knowledge by giving examples of real-life heroes such as police, doctors, and many more.

3. How is it different from teaching kids?

Well, children are born like blank slates so whatever they listen to and watch they will do the same. They follow the footprints of their parents. So, it is a major responsibility of parents and teachers to teach kids in an interesting and polite way.

4. What should teenagers have?

As I think teenagers are really curious so they love to follow the trend. But I think youngsters need to stay calm as they have an aggressive attitude.

Sample answers (5) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

From my childhood to the present time, had the opportunity to meet and interact with so many people. Although some of them, whom I met were Fair-weather by nature, the majority was well mannered and sober

However, here I would like to narrate about a person with whom I would like to work or study, that is none other than ……….Singh/Kaur/Kumar. He is my neighbor that’s why I know this person. And I want to get knowledge about maths from him.

Since we both have a natural fascination with getting knowledge, we usually study together. He has landed with ample knowledge of mathematics and reasoning and is good at making history and current affairs. whenever we study together, the outcomes are always stupendous. Sometimes tell him that, I have an incantation which you use in order to solve tough equations, and he also gives me the same compliment for my knowledge. We both have a Youtube channel where he posts maths sums and I post historical knowledge. When it comes to the Question that why I would like to study with him. I have nothing to speak ill about this personality because I want to crack a competitive exam for the job. I, in order to get knowledge, would take benefits of learning maths from him.

All in all, this is a person with whom I would like to study.

Sample answers (6) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

I know many people who inspired me a lot throughout my life. Here, I am going to talk about a person who motivated me to clear exams of 10th grade and he is my role model. He is none other than my father. I vividly remember when I was in 10th class, I was sick. During that time, I was not able to focus on my studies, but my final exams were near.

Moreover, I lost hope to cover my whole syllabus in a few days. Honestly speaking, I thought to sit in secondary class again next year. When my father came to know about this, he came to me and encouraged to clear the examinations in the same session. Apart from this, he inspired me to study day and night, as well as he helped me to divide the syllabus according to my ability.

After hearing his motivational words, I had goosebumps. To be honest, I studied hard and cleared my exams with the second position in the class. All in all, I felt over the moon. So that was a time when I got inspired by my father.

Sample answers (7) Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting from Jan to  Apr 2023 along with Follow-ups

• A person who inspired me to do something interesting is my cousin’s wife, Priya.
• My cousin got married a few years ago, and he and Priya moved to Ludhiana, about 40 minutes
from my hometown.
• Priya is a computer engineer by profession and works at a software company.
• Once while I was visiting them, she mentioned that she had started to learn Indian classical
• I knew she was a good dancer as I had seen her dance at her wedding and other family
functions before.
• But Indian classical dance is complex and takes a lot of training.
• She said she was driving home one day from work and saw the advertisement for a new
classical dance academy close to her office.
• She knew it was her chance to learn something new.
• It was also convenient as it was on her route, so she won’t waste time commuting.
• She said she had been going to Bharatnatyam classes for almost six months.
• She was one of the top students in her batch, and the academy even hired her to start teaching children on weekends

• She was so passionate about it and talked about opening her own dancing studio one day.
• I was truly inspired to see that she managed to keep up with it, along with a full-time job.
• I shared with her my interest in music and how I have always wanted to learn to play guitar.
• Growing up, I was busy with studies and never got the time.
• And now that I am older, I feel it was too late to learn.
• She told me age is just a number and learning anything new needs consistent practice. If she
can learn a new skill at her age, so can I.
• I was so inspired after meeting her. I got myself a guitar and bought a couple of guitar books.
• I looked up YouTube videos to learn the basics.
• There were so many resources online for learning guitar and even teachers who taught
through zoom.
• After a few months of learning the basics, I found a guitar teacher near my home who could
teach me in person.
• He helped me work with more complex music, and I was able to refine my skills.
• I was amazed by my progress and eventually started playing for family and friends.
• Now, it’s a hobby that I really enjoy. It not only relaxes me but is a good escape from the stress of everyday life
• I will be thankful to Priya for inspiring me to pursue my passion.

Part 3:- Follow-ups of “Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting  Jan to Apr 2023
1. Who motivates children the most?
I think at an early age, parents and teachers motivate children the most. They are role models, and
children naturally look up to them. Once they are older, children start idolizing movie and sport
stars, and they can motivate children too.

2. How can teachers motivate children?
Teachers can motivate children by encouraging them, recognizing their efforts, setting achievable
goals, and allowing them to explore their curiosity and think outside the box.

3. How is it different from teaching kids?
Students who are not motivated will not learn effectively and teaching alone won’t improve
academic performance. Motivated students are more excited to participate in class, and
unmotivated students can disrupt the whole class.

4. What should teenagers have?
Teenagers want to be accepted and valued by their friends, which can sometimes lead them to risky
behavior. If parents are supportive and take the time to communicate with their children, they can
influence teens to remain motivated and achieve their goals. Parents need to keep a watch on them
and respect their independence.

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