• What it is like

  • where it would be

  • Why you would like to live in this house/apartment

  • And how you feel about this house/apartment

Well, I belong to Moga city and I am living in the same house since my birth. Already I have my own house but it has two bedrooms. Also, it lacks modern amenities (facilities). Moreover, my current home space is not enough as per our family members. I want to have my house in Townhall which is a beautiful area of my hometown, as well as this area, is located in the heart of the city.
In addition, I have planned to build a new house in a huge space with all the latest facilities. Apart from this, I would like to have a garden as well as grow some organic vegetables and fruits in my dream house. I would not spray pesticides. Also, I would keep my house neat and clean.
Although I have planned to live in this kind of home, this may only be possible if I work hard day and night. I hope I would live in such a house and apartment one day.

(Model answer 2)

Well owning a perfect living space is everyone’s dream in this modernized world. I also keep dreaming of the ideal house I wish to live in in this house in the future.
I want this house to be constructed on the other side of my hometown where there is the least traffic and no pollution, I would be able to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere. Talking my current house it is situated in a crowded area. moreover, it’s a small/middle-sized house but I want huge space, that’s why I am looking forward to moving to such type of house.
It will be a great living space with clean and peaceful surroundings. Where I can get rid of the hustle and bustle. It will comprise 4 spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms, 1 healthy kitchen, 1 elegant formal living room on the opposite side
This house should be splendidly/fully/ luxuriously furnished. Apart from this, I wish to have a dainty garden in the backyard of my house where I can grow grass, different plants or some vegetables, in my leisure time spending some time there would make me feel close to nature. And in the courtyard beautiful flower pots will be kept to give a spectacular view. As I’ve been setting aside money for it, hopefully, it will be constructed soon. At that time I’ll feel myself in seventh Heaven.

(Model answer 3)


A house is the only place for a person to relax, have quality time with family and be his own self. For that reason, everyone dreams to have it in the best style having all amenities and the top-class infrastructure. Being the most important place in everyone’s life, a house needs to serve all the requirements one desires for.
Well, to talk about me, presently, I live in a two-story house where I have three master bedrooms, one guest room, a kitchen, a living room, a drawing-room, a beautiful garden in the front yard, and a spacious backyard. I can say that this house serves almost all the needs which one requires to have in a house. However, here I would like to talk about my dream house in which I want to live in the future.
I am a nature lover and I always intend to live in the lap of nature. I want to live in a house that is surrounded by a lot of greenery, away from the hustle & bustle of city life, and in the midst of a serene atmosphere. Therefore, I dream to build one more house for me in a hilly area. I want to make this house my vacation home where I will often go to relax from the cares of life.
I want to make this house a spacious one like a resort with a huge garden in front to pursue my gardening passion. It should be a blend of contemporary and traditional infrastructure and all the basic facilities should be made available there. Since I am quite conscious about interiors, I want the vintage furniture to be installed and want to keep everything antique that suits my taste.

It though seems to be a royal house of my dreams and a little impossible at this stage but I am sure that once I set my mind to it and work hard, I will surely be able to make it possible and build that for me one day

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