Recent 16 july 2022 IELTS Exam(Morning slot)Answers in INDIA, Canada

16 July 2022, India, Morning Slot Listening 

Listening Level: EASY

Part 1: Telephonic Conversation between two speakers

  • Fill-ups

Part 2: Social Conversation

  • blanks
  • Selection of Letters

Part 3: Academic Discussion between two students

  • short MCQs
  • Match The Information

Part 4: Monologue

  • Fill ups


16 July 2022, India, Morning Slot Reading

Reading level: MOD(Tricky)

Reading Passage 1:

  • True/False/Not Given
  • Fill-ups

Reading Passage 2:

  • Fill-ups
  • Match The Information
  • MCQs

Reading Passage 3:

  • Selection of Letters
  • Yes/No/Not Given
  • Fill-ups


Morning Slot Writing Task 1, 16 July 2022, India

TASK 1: Diagram or MAP


Morning Slot Writing Task 2, 16 July 2022, India

TASK 2: It is impossible to help all the people in the world so government should only focus on people in their own countries do you agree or disagree.


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