Recent exam 30 july 2022 IELTS exam Morning and Evening slot review in INDIA

30 July 2022, India, Morning Slot Listening 

Listening Level: Hard

Part 1: Telephonic Conversation between two speakers

  • Fill-ups

Part 2: Social Conversation

  • blanks
  • Selection of Letters

Part 3: Academic Discussion between two students

  • short MCQs
  • Match The Information

Part 4: Monologue

  • Fill ups


30 July 2022, India, Morning Slot Reading

Reading level: Very hard  

Reading Passage 1: 

  • True/False/Not Given
  • Fill-ups

Reading Passage 2: 

  • Fill-ups
  • Match The Information
  • MCQs

Reading Passage 3: 

  • Selection of Letters
  • Yes/No/Not Given
  • Fill-ups

Passage names:-


Morning Slot Writing Task 1, 30 July 2022, India

TASK 1: Table


Morning Slot Writing Task 2, 30 July 2022, India

TASK 2: Some people believe that the government should take care of old people and provide financial support after retirement. others say individuals should save during their work years to fund their own retirement. What is your opinion? Give reasons for your answers and include examples from your own experience.

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