DESCRIBE THE THING THAT YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT | May to august new cue cards 2022

DESCRIBE THE THING THAT YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT | May to august new cue cards 2022


  • What is it

  • Why you can’t manage without it

  • How long you have had it for

  • And explain how you felt when you were without it?

All things are important in my life. I always keep every product carefully. A number of things which I do not want to lose but today I want to talk about that thing which is really close to my heart.
This is a study table where I do my study of every subject as well as read newspaper and magazines. It is gifted by my mother on my last birthday.
I have since last year because at that time I needed to make a presentation in a proper way but on the bed, I felt sluggish. That’s why I demanded of it. Secondly, it was the desire of my mother to give me.
I cannot imagine my life without it because study time is my favorite time. Furthermore, while studying I don’t like any type of disturbance. Without study, I am nothing in this world but I feel comfortable on my study table for study. This is the reason that I cannot imagine my life without it.
One day, the chair was broken on my table and I remember it the whole day I was unable to continue my study because my chair is too comfortable. Moreover, on my table, there is a lamp which has perfect light. At that time I felt idiom but after that day, I always keep my both things properly and carefully.
So, in short, I cannot expect my life without my study table.

Q1. Why are children attracted to new things?
I think every people is attracted to see new things at least once. The reason is they are curious to use operate new things as well as want to know about new features. Last but not the least; they want to show off in front of others. Specially kith and kin.

Q2. Why do some grown-ups hate to throw old things? (E.G clothes)Why?
Yes, this is a reality of today. Most youngsters don’t like this thing they want to keep it as a memory. For example, when I was in the 7th class my aunt gave me a sweater in blue color. I have it still today but I never thought that I will throw it because my aunt made it for me with a lot of happiness.

Q3. Is the way people buy things affected?
In the current edge, human beings like to purchase online from where they not only get at home but also according to their wish free delivery. Yes, things have affected people through technology.

Q4. What do you think influences people to buy new things?
The first thing is they feel boring, people start to feel monotones while using the same thing. Secondly, it has a great impact on advertisement .last but not least, they want to know about the latest new things how they work.

(Model answer 2)

Whenever I get bored, I prefer to watch television. Moreover, I can not make my life enjoyable. It is really hard to manage without it. I remember I have had this electronic gadget since my early days. These days, I watch various web series, reality shows on TV. It is not only a source of spending free time, but also it works as a stress buster for me
Apart from this, my family members and I watch tv together while having dinner. I am really addicted of this beautiful invention of science. However, I spent those days very hard, once I was without television for a few days. All that happened due to technical fault in television.
All in all, I can say this is the thing which is really an essential part of my life and i cannot live without it.

(Model answer 3)

Needless to say, technology is leaps and bounds in each and every field. At the same time, It is not possible to live without smartphones because are using them for many purposes. However, It’s very hard for me to live without television. I love watching movies on television because it excites me a lot.
There are several reasons why I can’t live without television. Firstly, There is no doubt that watching a television program with the family provides a chance for everyone to connect. Talking about the other benefits of TV, it can be used for educational, news, entertain purposes. People can learn a new language by watching different types of TV shows. Moreover, it is possible to watch comedy shows or movies and it helps to reduce stress.
Apart from it, watching sports shows on television is a great way to generate interest in outdoor activities. I never watch sports on my mobile phone because it’s more interesting to watch on TV with the family. Lastly, I would say, I can’t live without watching television because I have learned many things such as bonding between family members, sports, and language skills.

(Model answer 4)

Well if I think of all the things I can’t live without, Then there are A lot of things. In terms of the essentials, there are a few which can’t be overlooked – like oxygen, food, and water. But then comes the rest of the “stuff” for example. mobile phone computer television etcetera.

But here I would like to talk about one particular thing which I think I can never live without is my camera because I am one of those people who love clicking pictures. In other words, I can say I have a photo freak nature photography is one of my hobbies.
The camera I have is from a Canon company And it’s black in color. I got this camera as a gift from my brother on my last birthday. And to be honest I did want to have this camera for so long but I didn’t have money so I was unable to purchase it. As my brother knows everything about me so he knew this since childhood that I find photography intriguing. So he gave that camera to me as a gift because he loves me so much and all he wants is to see me happy. So the main reason why I can’t imagine living without this camera is not only my need but also an emotional connection.
Apart from all the reasons I have mentioned earlier, there is one other reason why this camera is important to me: there are so many memories linked to it. As I have been to many tours, parties and functions which all are captured in this camera. I remember one time, I accidentally dropped it in water and it was in the repair Centre for 9 days and for that time.

I was just bored and was unable to pass my time and, I know these days most of the people pass their time by using a mobile phone or using their laptop but I am not one of those people because I think using a mobile phone and Spending time on social sites has no benefit. So I had no other option instead of being bored and every second felt like an hour at that time so from that experience I can clearly say that I can’t imagine living without it.

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