• Who this person is

  • How you know him or her

  • What you usually do together

  • And explain why you like to spend time with him/her.

To be honest, I am an extrovert person and I love to spend time with both family and close friends.

Here, I am going to talk about my best friend, Akash. I really like his company. Nowadays, he is working in Domino’s Pizza as a Manager and I am busy with my studies. Apart from this, I know him since my childhood. We studied together from primary to secondary school. Even during our school days, we used to spend quality time with each other.
Honestly speaking, we both are busy in our daily routine, whenever we get time on Weekend, we do lots of activities together. We are fond of watching movies. On weekend, we go to watch a movie in the cinema as well as we eat famous dishes from our hometown, Pav Bhaji. In addition, we share our whole week’s happenings with each other, and we also support one another in our tough times.
Furthermore, there are several reasons for spending time with him. He is one of those persons who always guide me in the right way. He always enhances my confidence when I feel low.
All in all, this is a person whom I really like to spend time with.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1. Is it vital to go to any family member’s house?

Answer- actually, it’s extraordinarily vital to go to relations once a brief interval. after they pay some quality time with one another, this helps them strengthen their relationship bond. they will share their happy and unhappy moments with their beloved ones by defrayment time with them.

Q2. Why is family bonding necessary for happiness in life and relationship?

Answer-Well, bonding between relations is extraordinarily vital as a result of it plays a key role in living a contented life. One gets a way of security, as they apprehend their family can continuously support them virtuously and financially throughout their lives.

Q3. does one believe the assistance and support from an acquaintance is completely different from a family member?

Answer-Well, the most important distinction between the assistance from a supporter and a family member is that we tend to feel burdened once obtaining support from our friends, that isn’t the case with the family person. Sometimes, we’d like to do one thing to replicate what our friends have finished us. But, with relations, we do not have to be compelled to do such things.

(model answer 2)

I think the majority of people like to spend time with their family members. I am also one of them. But due to the hectic schedule of parents, it’s hard to spend time with them. So, here I would like to speak about my bosom friend, Manpreet. He is an ios developer and works in Mohali. I really like to spend time would him.
I know him since my childhood. We studied in the same school and have done graduation from the same college. He is known to my whole family and vice versa. We used to spend most of our time together when we were in school and college.
and, We meet at weekends as he is working in a software company and I am continuing with my study. also, We share our weekday happenings with each other and talk about our future expectations and goals.
We also share our family problems with each other and sort out them. On weekends, we do dinner together. I really enjoy his company as we talk a lot, spend more than half of the day together.
There is not only one reason behind why I like his company. He is a true friend who never deceives me. and He always is honest and stands by my side no matter what. everytime He wipes my tears, picks me up when I fall, offers his shoulder to cry on in tough times. interestingly,  He makes me laugh even when I think I’ll never smile again. I know if I fail in life, he will definitely help me out by listening to me after my failures and advising me how to bounce back after failure in life.

(model answer 3)

Well, being an introvert it is hard for me to mingle with others but here I’m going to talk about a particular person with whom I love to spend time. He is Mr. Singh who resides in our hometown. Although he is in the early ’80s, still fits as a fiddle. He is a retired English professor and nowadays works round the clock for the environment.

Actually, I met him 2 years ago for the first time on world environment day in the community hall where he organized a campaign for the amelioration of our surroundings and stimulated everyone to join hands. His words put a charismatic impact on my impact and joined his team. On his exhortation, I started joining him in the park of my town every morning where we water the plants and do pruning as well running, and stretching.

Besides this, we share daily tit-bits and he also acquaints me with some historical events whereas being tech-savvy I teach him about technical gizmos usage. Besides this, sometimes he also visits our home and we both play chess and carrom. I relish his company a lot due to certain reasons. Primary, he resembles my grandfather and a fountain of knowledge. Additionally, he is a great problem solver so whenever I am stuck in any quandary his presence acts as a fight at end of the tunnel. I praise him to the skies for his amiable nature and wit and I always have a whale of a time in his company.

(Model answer 4)

Well, spending time with loved ones helps us strengthen our relationship bond with them, so I always try to spend an equal amount of time with all my family members. Here, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about a very special person with whom I mostly like to spend my time, who is my grandfather. He’s in his early 70s, but he’s still very active due to his lifestyle. He does yoga and jogging in the morning in a nearby park. He’s a retired army officer, who has served the nation for more than 15 years. We are very close to each other and that’s why I like to spend evening and weekend time with him. Every day in the evening, I like to go with him to the park, where we do various activities together, like walking, jogging, and yoga.
Sometimes, we just sit there on the benches for a casual conversation with each other. I must say, whenever I face any issues in my life, I always like to take my grandfather’s advice because of his lifelong experience. As he knows all my weaknesses and strengths, he guides me accordingly and also encourages me whenever I feel demotivated. At the same time, we also go to many places at the weekends, like malls, restaurants, or religious places.
My grandfather is also very open-minded in nature, so I never feel I’m with an older person while visiting such places. Some of my friends also like him a lot because he creates a laughable environment by cracking jokes or telling stories. So, my grandfather is a very special person in my life with whom I love spending my time.

(Model answer 5)

Being an extrovert person I love to spend time with my others because in this way I can express my emotions and ideas. However, if I have to choose one with whom I prefer to spend most of my gala time, she is none other than my mother.
I know her since my birth. Undoubtedly, she is my best companion and I always cherish those moments that I spend with her. There are a plethora of activities which we enjoy together. Luckily, I and my mother have some hobbies like gardening as we both are nature lovers. Apart from it, we enjoy watching TV series, decorating things, and during weekends we go shopping.
Initially, learning cooking was like a hard nut to crack for me. Fortunately, my mother has wonderful culinary skills therefore I learned various new recipes from her. There are a few reasons why I love to spend time with her. Firstly, she is a very kind, sympathetic and optimistic lady who always helps me in every thicks and thins.
To be honest, I always feel comfortable in her company because she is an easily approachable person in my family and I can open my arms and share my emotions with her.
Whenever I feel down in the dumps she always motivates me in the right direction. I am also inspired to follow in her footsteps so that I can become a better person like my mother.
All in all, I am truly lucky to have her as my mother because she is a great source of inspiration for me.

(Model answer 6)

Well, I have a strong intimacy with my all family members and I enjoy each and every family member’s company. Howeve I have to choose one with whom I like to spend more time, she is definitely my grandmother. My grandmother is defir the person to whom I feel to be very
she is an old lady in her late 70s but, still she is fairly active and energetic. Actually, I have had a very strong connection with my grandmother since, my childhood. The fact is that my both parents are working and in their absence, my grandmother used to take c of me. She was the one who used to dr me to school and bring me back as well.
since my school was not too far from my home. After coming back from school, she used to serve food to me, play with me and also help me in doing my homework. In addition to it, In childhood, I also used to sleep with my grandmother and listen to b time stories from her. I must say, she g me a lot of pampering in my childhood I was her most loving grandson as well.
Even today, I spend lots of time with my grandmother. Early in the morning, we go for a walk because she has a rich knowledge of history and religion and during the walk, She often shares interesting stories related to religion and another historical moment I don’t feel hesitate to say that she is just a friend to me with whom I can comfortably share my problems
and secrets and she is a very mature and well experience that’s why she always gives the best solution to my problems and guide me in a proper way. In fact, these days I plan to move abroad for my higher s’ so, I am also taking her help in learning how to cook food.
as she is a wonderful cook as well and in this way I spend healthy two to three hours with my grandmother and make her a family member with whom I li’ to spend the most time.


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