Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you | May to august 2022 | new cue cards 2022

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you

  • What the clothing was

  • Who gave it to you

  • When you got it

  • And explain why this person gave you the clothing.

Everybody wants that he or she wears fabulous clothes so that they can look more beautiful in front of others. I am also that kind of person but luckily I have several clothes. But one day I received my favorite suit and that moment I will share with you now.
WHAT the clothing is?
I wanted to purchase a night suit for many years because I go walking in the early morning and my all friends have but I had no. I told to my parents but they did not buy it from me because they thought that suit is not important for walking.
Who gave it to you?
Last Saturday my father’s relative came to our house for the first time. When my father introduced us to them, they gave me one box which was packed properly. They gave it just to me because they knew earlier that I am younger as compared to my siblings when I opened it. I saw that light blue color night suit with little flowers.
When do you get it?
They came to our house last weekend they wanted to meet with us also the invitation of their elder daughter’s marriage.
I have already told you that they gave me it because I was younger. Second thing, I got 97% marks in secondary education and this topic was shared by my father with them in a phone call. They wanted to give me a reward.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1. What type of clothes do people like to wear after work?

Most of the time, they wear loose clothes so that they feel relaxed as well as comfortable because they have to wear uniforms at work.

Q2. What type of clothes people should wear at the workplace?

On-duty workers should wear that type of clothes in which they can feel active. Furthermore, in working areas uniforms are compulsory because they give to employers a different identity and show equality.

Q3. Do you believe students need to wear school uniforms in school or educational institutes?

Why not because it shows equality and the second thing increase identity also discipline. In the school dress, the discrimination is totally finished between poor and rich children. All look equal.

Q4. Where do Indian people buy their clothes for themself?

Mostly, they purchase from where the price suits their pocket. Some like to buy from showrooms, big shaps but who belong to the poor family they prefer to take from street hawkers so that they can buy on reliable price.

(Model answer 2)

Well, it has become a trend to give gifts on special occasions. I have also received many presents in my life such as shoes, clothes and so on.
Here, I would like to talk about a suit which was given by my parents as a gift on my last birthday. It was wine-color coat pants (Punjabi suit for girls) along with a tie and white shirt (dupatta for girls). It is a very beautiful suit. Its fabric is velvet. Moreover, it is branded by Raymond. It has a beautiful brooch on the coat’s left pocket. Whenever I wear this suit, it gives me a different look and suits my personality well. It is so comfortable to wear. I wear formal black shoes (belly or Punjabi jutti for girls) with this suit. I get lots of compliments when I wear that suit.
Instead of giving me money on my last birthday, they opted to give me this beautiful suit so I can wear it on special occasions because I hadn’t had this type of special dress before. Now, that coat pant has become my favorite suit and I have worn it on many special occasions.

(Model answer 3)

Well, gifts are a way to show appreciation and a great source of happiness in our life. I received many gifts from my kith and kin. Today, I am going to talk about an item of clothing which I received from my friend. It happened last year when my friend gave a phulkari and it is very special to me. Actually, phulkari is a decorated cloth used on special occasions, especially at weddings. Last year, my friend visited my home on my birthday.

When she gave me that gift, I was on cloud nine because it was so beautiful. After receiving it, I asked my friend where you bought it and then I came to know that she visited Amritsar last month with her family and she bought it from a shop which is famous for traditional dresses. It is a pink color phulkari and wonderful embroidery is done on it. My friend gave me that gift because she knew that I wanted to buy it for my cousin’s wedding. When I wore it to that wedding, All my friends and relatives gave me a lot of compliments which made me quite happy. So, that is an item of clothing that is very close to my heart.

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