Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend IELTS speaking cue-card 2022

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend IELTS speaking cue-card 2022

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend

You should say:

  • Who did you speak with?
  • Where you were?
  • What was the conversation about?
  • Explain why it was interesting?

Introduction :
Conversation plays an important role in any person’s life because through it individuals can share their feelings also emotions with each other. I had also many times when I did the conversation with my kiths and kin but today I want to talk with you about that time when I has the conversation very interesting with one of my friends Kiran
Who did you speak with?
It had with Kiran because she is my bosom friend who is 25 years old. I have a good bonding with her. No doubt, she lives in Sangrur. We cannot meet daily because my hometown is far from her. But on social media like WhatsApp, Instagram we chat daily also on phone calls or 3days a week.
Where you were?
When I did the conversation with her I was at my house last Saturday. Kiran talked with me on video call on that day and we started to share our feelings with each other.
What was the conversation about?
Actually, I started to talk about my new start-up with her that last day. I want to start digital caffees for youngsters where people can get quality food on very reasonable prices.
Explain why it was interesting?
I told to what facilities I will provide to customers which attract youth’s attention. In Maler Kotla there are many caffees but which type of café I have in my mind which luxuriousness and comfort I will provide none other can do. There will be no cash system only google pay or Paytm.

Customers can order the food by scanning the QR code that will display on their table. She listened to me full of her attention I also like. Moreover, she also gave me some suggestions on how people can buy your franchises if you will expand your outlets. These suggestions gave me an internal motivation toward my aim. Whenever I am in a worrying situation I am talking to her because I know she always gives me the right and valuable suggestions. So this was a conversation which I had with my friend which was too fascinating and proved mind relief for me.

Part 3 : follow-ups

Q1. How do friends talk with each other?
There are different types of ways to communicate with companions. Some like to talk face to face so that they can talk comfortably. Furthermore, several friends talk on a video call or phone call also through social media for example Zoom meetings, WhatsApp calls, Instagram and Facebook calls.
Q2. What is the difference of having a conversation between a man and a woman?
I thunks nowadays gender discrimination has reduced or disappeared I can say and the reason is both gender like to talk about various things such as sports, fashion, traveling, social media, and many more.
Q3. Do you think women like to chat more than men?
Actually, it depends upon the person’s choice and taste. For example, if I talk about my hometown where females are addicted to chatting as compared to males but when I visit my relative’s house and there is totally opposite.
Q4. Men and women chat on the same topic when they do?
About the topic name is a matter upon the person’s taste which they like or not. I think when masculine talk with their male friend. They usually talk about politics, business but when feminine talks with her friends. Most of the time they choose the topic of family relations as well as fashion.
Q5. Chatting and gossiping what is the difference in it?
Chatting is a good thing because through person discuss they’re important which as well as to attain knowledge but gossiping is not good. Backbiters are always done gossip about their friends and relatives which has a bad impact on their relationship.
Q6. Who do you prefer to chat with your parents or your friends?
In my eyes both are equal Firstly, I will talk about my parents with whom I chat about my activities daily basis. Secondly, with friends, I discuss sports, fashion as well as traveling.

(Model answer 2)

Introduction :

Well, I am an extrovert person and I love to talk with new people on many topics.

Who did you speak with?

However, I would like to talk about a time when I had an interesting conversation with my best friend,Pirtpal. As I am planning to go abroad for my higher studies, I was so confused to choose a program between Hotel management and business management.

Where you were?

Recently, he came from Canada and I invited him for tea at home and a course discussion.

What was the conversation about?

He also studied in Canada, so he had enough knowledge to help me in course selection. We met after so long.

Explain why it was interesting?

First of all, he told me about his new life in Canada. Then, I asked him about the scope of the course between hotel management and business management. He suggested I opt for Business management because this course provides lots of opportunities in different fields, whereas hotel management is limited to only the hotel industry.

Furthermore, he told me that the education system in Canada is much better than in many other developed countries. Canadian education is mostly based on practical instead of theory. He also told me that I can work part-time for 20 hours per week as a student. Apart from this, he told me that initially, he faced a cooking problem. He advised me to learn cooking before coming to Canada. So that was the time when I had an interesting conversation with my close friend.


(Model answer 3)

Who you spoke with:
I did a lot of conversations in my life, but here I would like to describe a conversation, which influenced me a lot. This conversation was with my childhood friend, Kiran
Where you were:

Actually, last month, I went to a shopping mall and over there I met her after a long time. I was surprised to see her as she went to Australia two years ago for doing his master’s. she was also happy to see me. We spent quality time together in a cafe and she told me that he came back from Australia to attend the marriage of her sister.
What the conversation was about:
We talked about the change that he felt in his life after going to Australia. We also talked about our school and college days because we studied together in the same school and college.
explain why you think it was interesting:

That conversation was interesting for me as I came to know about the Australian lifestyle and culture. My friend told me about his part-time job. She worked part-time during his master’s and what problems she faced. Moreover, my friend told me how the Australian education system is different from India. We didn’t get an idea how and when we started to talk about our college days. we talked about unforgettable memories of our school and college days.
How much fun we had together in our college lives. she really missed that fun in Australia. After 2 hours of a long conversation, I ordered some snacks for her. After that, she gave me an invitation card of her sister’s marriage and said goodbye. Our eyes were filled with tears and we both try to hide it. It was really an interesting conversation that was become a reason to remember our college memories and I get some knowledge about the Australian system


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