Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college. New Sep-Dec 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS speaking Sep-Dec 2022 Cue card by IELTSKING

4. Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college.

You should say:

  • When did you learn it?
  • How did you learn it
  • Why did you think it was important to learn it
  • How you felt when you learnt it

Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

When did you learn it?

I think life is full of learning. We start learning the day we are born and we don’t stop till the day we die. I have learned many things in my life and one of the most important things I learned recently was cooking. Two years ago due to the covid-19. There was a complete lockdown in India neither any shops were opened nor any marketplaces. i am a foodie person and I love to eat fast food such as pizza, burgers, white-cause pasta, and so on.

How did you learn it

But due to the pandemic, there was not possible to go out. While surfing on the internet I came across one video in which a person was teaching how to make pizza at home without a microwave. He was none other than Sanjiv Kapoor, a famous Indian chef.  we don’t have a microwave. so I followed the mentioned steps. It was very easy to make pizza and I was successful.

Why did you think it was important to learn it

After that, on the daily basis, I started to make different types of cousins by following his videos. I also give food to my parents that was made by me. They always praised me a lot. I spend my whole lockdown learning about different Indian and foreign food. Now my cooking skill has improved a lot.

How you felt when you learned it

This skill is very helpful for me in my further life because I want to go abroad for my higher education. So I would not have to depend on any person I can cook food for myself. I think every student should know this skill. So, this is a skill that I had learned not in school or collage.


Part 3:- Follow-up Questions of Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college.

1. What do children learn from their parents?

Parents are children’s first teachers. They learn so many things from their parents. They learn even the basic things like how to talk, how to eat, how to dress, and how to behave from their parents. In fact, everything parents do in front of their children teaches them something.

2. Are some children well-behaved because of their parents?

Yes, I think parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour to a large extent. However, they are not the only ones responsible for their children’s behaviour, it also depends upon other factors like media and their friends and teachers.

3. Is it necessary for adults to learn new things?

Yes, I think life would be boring if people stopped learning. Moreover, today life is changing so fast, that it is paramount to learn new things to survive. My mother is a teacher. During covid times, when classroom education was not possible, she had to learn and teach through Zoom. If she didn’t, she would have lost her job.

4. What are the options for learning new things?

Well, there are traditional methods of learning new things like joining evening classes or asking a friend or relative to guide us or reading do it yourself books. Then, there are the modern methods like watching YouTube channels or searching on google. There has never been a better time to learn something new than today.

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