Describe an AI robot that you like the most IELTS New cue card

Describe an AI robot that you like the most IELTS New cue card

IELTS speaking part 2: Cue-card for IELTS Speaking by IELTSKING

Describe an AI robot that you like the most

You should say:

  • What type of robot it is?
  • Who made it?
  • When do you know about it?
  • Explain? Why do you like it?


Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

What type of robot it is?

The future is totally dependent on AI means Artificial Intelligence. Day by day, improvements in robots make human being’s life easy and smooth. There are a plethora of AI products are available in the Market like Domestic robots, Macrobiotics, SCARA, Autonomous(pet robots), Medical robot, Military robots, and so on

Who made it?

Today, here I would like to talk about my personal favorite Humanoid robot which really looks like a human being that’s name is Sophia. It is developed by Hong-Kong-based Company Hanson Robotics. Sophia was activated on 14 Feb. 2016.

When do you know about it?

Sophia is a unique robot because she is the first famous robot to touch our intellect and our emotions simultaneously. She can speak 9 Indian languages and 16+ international languages, and she speaks softly, intelligently, affectionately, and emphatically. Her facial expressions look like real humans while talking.

Explain? Why do you like it?

Sophia became popular and gained many fans base by impressing people with her conversations and interactions. She has many features like she can read facial expressions, remember places and person’s talk, and take decisions, she has a wide knowledge of Business, entertainment, education, banking, insurance, automobile, growth, media and so on.

For example, when Sophia Visited India for attending an interactive session in Kolkata. She wore our Red saree which is a traditional dress for women. A lot of students ask their questions regarding AI and she responds well. So this is an AI humanoid Robot that is like the most and I want to meet her once in my life.


Part 3: Follow-ups

Coming soon…..

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