Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS speaking Cue card by IELTSKING

3. Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

You should say:-

– When did you see it?
– What is it about?
– Where you saw it/how you came to know about it?
– Why you didn’t like it

Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

Sample answers (1) Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

Usually, I am interested in advertisements because ads help to get updated about the latest trends. Some advertisements irritate people, whereas some ads are really knowledgeable. However, today I am going to talk about an advertisement that I dislike. Last year, I watched this advertisement while watching my favorite reality show. It is the AD for a cold drink which is known as (speak any cold drink name).

It is about 40 seconds long ad. Moving further, this advertisement promotes cold drinks and it is promoted by a famous Bollywood actor. In actuality, this ad shows that if people drink this beverage, they will look brave and they can do anything without fear. However, according to medical research, cold drink is unhealthy and may lead to dangerous diseases.

Moreover, in this ad, after drinking a cold drink, the actor jumps from one mountain to another by bike which impacts adversely immature viewers. They may imitate (copy) the stunts and risk their lives. I came to know about this advertisement while watching the ‘Big boss’ show on the colors channel. This ad appeared and it was telecasted repeatedly after every short break.

Apart from this, this ad is also being shown on social media nowadays. Honestly speaking, I dislike this ad because of two reasons. The first one is, it is an unrealistic advertisement. In this ad, a cold drink is shown as an energy drink but it is not. Secondly, high-level stunts are performed by actors after drinking a cold drink, which is a completely fake illustration.

Sample answers (2) Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

Well, it is undeniable fact that advertisements are the backbone of our society. It creates numerous employment opportunities as well as boosts the new products of a company. Most of the time, I don’t like to watch advertisements but yes sometimes I can share those ads which are hilarious and informative However, today I am going to talk about an advertisement that I don’t like.
It was about Sting drink. I saw it for the very first time when I was in XII standard. I was just watching one youtube video about my subject and it was extremely important for me. In between the video, one ad came related to a drink named Sting. This advertisement is promoting an energy drink and it is promoted by a very famous celebrity in my nation. The content of this advertisement is unrealistic and influences people to drink this beverage which is not healthy the celebrity even tells people having this cold drink will make them look brave.
After listening to the brave word, I saw this advertisement from the beginning to the end. Even I forgot about the educational video that I had to watch. I was just shocked that how can a person can become brave by having a drink. I also tried at that time. No doubt it is an energy drink. However, it has numerous side effects on our health such as an increase in blood pressure and heart problems.

So, it is harmful to our bodies. Frankly speaking, I don’t like this drink as well as the advertisement because this drink contains a lot of caffeine, and caffeine intake hurts digestive health and sleep quality. That thing will make our body unfit. I also believe that the promotion of unhealthy drinks creates a lot of negative impacts on youth. So this is an advertisement that I don’t like.

Sample answers (3) Describe an advertisement that you don’t like

• Well, I generally don’t like to watch a lot of advertisements because I think they are a waste
of time.
• Although some ads are funny and informative then there are some ads that can really
annoy or irritate people.
• And today, I would like to talk about one such advertisement which I really dislike whenever
it’s on air.
• It is the ad for a toilet cleaner and its run time is about 45 seconds
• What happens in this advertisement is that a TV show host visits four to five different
households and asks the house owners about the cleanliness level of their toilets.
• Most of people say that their toilets are clean but then he insists on seeing them.
• And then the camera zooms on to the actual toilet seats, which are very dirty and have
yellow/ dark brown stains on them.
• The host then recommends the blue colored toilet cleaner and applies it to the dirty toilet

• After this the toilets are shown as sparkling clean just like a brand new toilet.
• Now there are two main reasons why I hate this advertisement.
• First is obviously the dirty toilet seats being shown on television.
• I think would give nausea to anyone watching it.
• The second, and the worst part about this ad is its timing.
• Normally, I watch the television while having my food i.e. during Lunch or Dinner, and this
the time when they show this ad repeatedly.
• I feel so disgusted, and I am not able to eat my food after watching this ad.
• Nowadays this ad is being shown on youtube as well and I always do skip ad whenever it
comes online.
• I wish there should be a method that should allow the viewers to choose the type of ads
they would like to see.

Part 3:- Follow-ups of “Describe an advertisement that you don’t like NEW CUE CARDS

1. Why do some people hate advertisements?
People do not like advertisements while they are watching a program because ads break the
continuity. Another annoying factor is that most of the ads are very repetitive and there is nothing new. But the fact remains that if there are no advertising agencies to sponsor the programs we will not be able to watch good programs.
2. Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements?
Yes, definitely many people buy the products after they watch an ad. Many of the advertisements are very innovative as well as informative these days. An advert can lure a wide range of
people, from small children to senior citizens.

3. Is music useful in advertising?
Yes, music adds life to the ad. Music can add meaning to anything and so music is useful in ads. For example, some jingles keep ringing in your ears even after the ad is over. So, the purpose of the ad is fulfilled.
4. What are the advantages of TV advertisements? How about internet advertisements?
TV ads have both audio and video component. So these give visual reminders of the products and that is what sells the products. Internet ads can be skipped and it is optional and up to the user
whether to view them or not.

5. Where usually do we see adverts?
We see ads all around us – on TV, on the radio, on roadsides, in newspapers, in magazines, on the Internet, on phones, and as flyers.
6. Are there any advertisements at school?
Sometimes, supermarkets and fast food outlets give money to schools and open their outlets in
schools. This is a way of advertising their products.
7. Are there some inappropriate adverts, like that of a condom?
There are some inappropriate ads, like the ad for some perfumes, which imply that if a boy wears that perfume, girls will flock around him, and the ads for some drinks like coke and Pepsi. The ad for condoms is not inappropriate in my opinion. It is an important step in sex education.

8. Why does the government allow such ads?
The government allows such ads because these ads spend a lot, which boosts the economy. Not only does the government earn, the people working in these ads also earn a lot.
9. Do you think it is bad for children?
Yes, sometimes children are lured to buy such things, but I feel that parents can play a very positive role by keeping an eye on their children and guiding them on what is right or wrong.
10. Do parents complain about it?
Yes, parents complain about it at times, but the advantages these ads are giving to the country, are much more than the negative effects of these ads.

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