Describe a time when you took a break from work/study Jan to Apr 2023

Describe a time when you took a break from work/study

  • When was it?
  • Why you took a break?
  • What did you do during that time?
  • Why did you like/dislike it?


There is no denying this conviction that taking breaks from work is an integral part of our life. Recently I took a break from my work which is worth mentioning.

When was it? And Why you took a break?

I had to take a break from work due to the Corona pandemic. Last year, the government announced a lockdown to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

As my company didn’t have the work-from-home option, all employees had no option but to quit their jobs. So, for six months, I stayed at home.

What did you do during that time?

During that time, I was free. But unfortunately, the first month was a total waste because I squandered the quality time at my disposal by watching Netflix and other OTT platforms.

After a while, watching TV was monotonous for me, and I decided to learn something new. So I asked for opinions on what to learn from my near and dear ones, and my elder brother advised me to learn digital marketing.

I decided to learn digital marketing and watched many videos on Youtube, but I needed more. So after that, I joined an online course in which I worked under the aegis of a seasoned trainer, and with his unabated support, I became a digital marketing expert in three months.

Why did you like/dislike it?

I liked the break from work because it brought a paradigm shift. Due to my busy work schedule, I could not acquire a new skill, but the break brought a paradigm shift in my life by allowing me to learn a skill in huge demand these days.

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