Describe a time when you decorated your home Jan to Apr 2023

Describe a time when you decorated your home

  • When was it?
  • Why you decorated it?
  • What did you do for decoration?
  • How did you feel about it?


Home is where we spend a sizeable part of our life and due to this, decorating the house is an emotionally enriching experience. Recently I decorated my home for a special occasion which is worth mentioning.

When was it?, and Why you decorated it?

Last year all of a sudden, my parents planned my sister’s wedding. As we didn’t renovate our home for twenty years due to a busy schedule, we left no stone unturned to do the renovation and decoration in a classy manner.

What did you do for decoration?

First, we repainted the whole house, and to do so, we used the spray machine for the painting instead of the conventional method of brushing, and due to this, we got an incredible finish.

Apart from that, I used various kinds of lighting to decorate my house. For example, I covered all the pillars with led strips and utilized sparking lights for the borders and corners.

Moreover, I decorated the main gate with flowers to give it a fresh look. Alongside the entrance, I installed a water curtain to generate positive vibes.

Lastly, inside the home, I installed a fish aquarium, which enhanced the looks of our drawing room appreciably, and my family members gave me a big round of applause for this.

How did you feel about it?

Decorating the house was a dream come an actual moment for me. All the guests appreciated the new look of our abode, and the wonderful time I had at home during my sister’s wedding will be etched in my memories.

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