Describe a thing you did to learn another language french follow up IELTS new cue-card 2022

Describe a thing you did to learn another language french follow up IELTS new cue-card 2022

Describe a thing you did to learn another language french follow up IELTS new cue-card 2022

  1. (Model answer 1) French 8 band
  2. (Model answer 2) French 7.5+ band
  3. Model answer 3)  English 7+ band
  4. Model answer 4)  French  6.5+ band
  5. Model answer 5)  English 6.5+ band
  6. (Model answer 6)  Marathi 6+ band
  7. (Model answer 7)  English 7.5 band

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for at least one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say in the cue card. You can make some notes to help you if you wish to.

(Model answer 1)  for 8 band

Describe a thing you did to learn another language French

You should say :

  • What language you learned
  • What you did
  • How does it helps you learn the language
  • and how you felt about it explain

I am a multilingual person I am fluent in Punjabi, Hindi, and English. I have been eager to know about new things since childhood, and now I love to explore new places and meet new people. I believe that knowing a foreign language allows us to understand different people, cultures, and environments. I want to go to Montreal which is in Canada because Canada is my dream country and I love Montreal’s culture and people.

To survive in Montreal I must know the French language because Montreal is a place of Frenchies all people interact in French. Two years ago, During the Covid period, all the places were fully closed including shops, schools, collage, malls, hospitals, banks, and any other institution. While surfing on social media I make across a video in which Mr. Singh tells how we can learn any language with our comfort while sitting at home.

I thought It would cost that provide us a valuable way. When I check the subscription I see all the plans were pocket-friendly for a student. I took one monthly subscription plan of cambly. It had more than 35 languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. it had a very simple interface, and it started my journey to learn French after creating an account. I started doing lessons in my free time, and after class, I called to French native tutor. Tutor meli is my favorite with whom I talked for hours. I got surprised In a few days I learned basics of French, and in a few months, I have been taken good touch in French but not fluent.
I am still using cambly app and I called to tutor meli whenever I get time. I am so happy and satisfied with my efforts. I hope to become fluent one day. It gave me so much joy when I was understood a few lines of French. all in all, So these things I did to learn a language.

(Model answer 2)  for 7.5+ band

Well, I believe in learning and since my early days, I have keen interest to learn something whenever I get a chance. However, today I would like to talk about a time when I found my interest to learn French. As I want to go to Canada for my higher studies French plays an important role over there and second-most commonly spoken language in Canada. As there was no institution in my hometown that teaches French.
Having no option left, I Contacted my close friend Akash who lives in Jalandhar and told him the whole situation. He suggested to me I learn French from Ricky App because he is also learning from that application. As soon as, I cut his call, I downloaded the Ricky app on my smartphone. It was such an impressive app and free of cost. I found there were lots of international languages to learn, and it was easy to use.
Moreover, there were short courses for 15-20 minutes per day to learn French. In the beginning, I learned common phrases like Hello-Bonjour, Have a nice day -Bonne journée. Interestingly, there was an option to talk online with people in the application who were also learning the same language. Every day, I talked with different people which worked like a magic trick for me and I made myself good in less than a month.
Apart from this, I also started watching movies and shows in French to get perfection in this foreign language. I also shared this application with my other friends who wanted to learn a foreign language.
All in all, I felt over the moon after learning French with the help of this wonderful application and I never miss the opportunity to recommend this app to others who want to learn another language.

Model answer 3)  for 7+ band

What language you learned
Learning provides you an opportunity you can explore the world and escape when you need it, knowledge creates a job opportunity when you seek it, and is a great and satisfying pastime. So, I always try to learn something new in my life. I can communicate in Punjabi and Hindi language from my childhood as these languages are my native language. But recently I started learning English.
What you did:
I not only did one thing to improve my English. I have to change my habits. Among ways, I started listening to English podcasts, watching English movies and songs. Moreover, I have joined a telegram group for doing English speaking practice.

How it helped you learn the language

Telegram groups are really helpful because on this platform one can find his/her speaking partner without paying a Penny. I joined 3 To 5 groups where I did group discussions on daily basis. English movies and songs really helped me to understand the British accent. One line that is very helpful and makes my learning easy is to Keep a notebook of new words you learn. Use them in sentences and try to say them at least 5 times when you speak and
with facing in the mirror. I have heard this line from the learning English podcast.
How you felt about it?

I thought It was a prominent step for me. Just because of Learning English I had to change my habits. Before it, I just spoiled my time by scrolling Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. But this time I also learn how can I consume my time for learning something new. I am not saying that I am fluent in English. I am still improving my English language. However, now I am able to express my thoughts in English.

Model answer 4)  for 6.5+ band

I believe that learning any new foreign language opens better and new paths of opportunities at a global level if one plans to make his/her career abroad. Also with the knowledge of another language, if one seeks his/her career in any global company, first, there is a great scope of career growth and also, the person has an edge over others in terms of opportunities.

I got this opportunity last year to learn French when a new institute was opened in our city. I set up my mind for it and enrolled myself in these classes. Initially, I had a lot of phobias learning it and did not understand it at all, and thought that it was never going to be my cup of tea.

But after a few classes, I built my comfort level and this formal and regular training really helped me come out of my fears about the French language. I burnt the midnight oil, spent hours in a day to gain its complete understanding. I put effort to develop my vocabulary, conversation and listened to a lot of French podcasts on various websites.

Gradually, I developed an expertise in using this language and became proficient in it. Now my friends call me an eager beaver because of my tendency and willpower to learn this. I must admit the fact that if one really puts his heart and soul into something, he really gets that on the platter.

Model answer 5)  for 6.5+ band

Needless to say, there are several merits of learning a new language. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 20 million people attempted to learn a new language in 2020. So, it can be said that learning a foreign language helps to create job opportunities. Also, it is not easy as pie to learn new skills because it takes many efforts. Here, I am going to talk about a time when I had to learn English by using different methods.
I started learning English in 2019 and it was difficult for me to improve my listening skills. My cousin told me that watching English movies with subtitles is very beneficial to improve listening skills. I downloaded many movies on the internet but I was not able to improve my performance. Then, I decided to reduce the speed of the movie as I wanted to make the notes of subtitles. Honestly saying, I found it really hard because it was taking a lot of time to do it.
However, I came to know about different types of sentences from subtitles. Moreover, I learned several types of idioms that are used by native speakers. Writing all those subtitles in my notebook helped me to improve my sentence formation and listening skills. After a few months, I started speaking English fluently. Lastly, I would say, It was a fascinating experience for me to learn English by watching movies and tv shows.

(Model answer 6)  for 6+ band

Well, this was a very enriching experience of my life and something that I can never forget. It was about learning the Marathi language (you can talk about any other language of your choice). Marathi is an Indian language and it is predominantly spoken by Indians in the state of Maharashtra. I have to learned this language because I had to travel to Mumbai for some days and it was my desire to understand a new and different culture and its language.
Also, I tried something very different to learn this language. And, I didn’t join a class nor did I download any application on my phone and neither did I buy a book. What I did is I started talking in Marathi with my Marathi friends and whenever I was stuck I used to find and translate words from Google. I wanted to try this novel method of learning a language and it was really fun and interesting. The journey was very amusing and I felt a sense of joy and accomplishment.
This method helped me a lot and I think there was no better method. I had read about a method to learn a language which is called the ‘total immersion method’. In this learning method, the learner puts himself in an atmosphere where the desired language is spoken. I did exactly the same. Whenever I met my Marathi friends I spoke with them in Marathi and no other language. I used to meet them often and also speak to them on the phone.
I made a lot of efforts and in the right methodology. Learning this language was useful and helpful to me in many ways. I am feeling confident in communicating in the Marathi language and I can understand 100 percent if someone talks. I can talk without fear and hesitation and this is what I wanted. My stay in Mumbai was more comfortable because I could talk and connect faster with the locals and could also do lots of shopping with bargaining. This experience also helped me to start learning other languages.

(Model answer 7)  for 7.5 band

Learning any language is a good thing because in this way person get chance to learn something new like words, grammar, phrases. I also tried to learn one language in the summer vacation when I was in matriculation and today I will talk about it with you.
What language you learned?
I learned the English language because after passing 10th class my parent’s desire was that I change my school education board. I mean to say PSEB to ICSE. So I had to learn this language so that I can easily understand English in further classes.
What you did?
First of all, I tried to find an English learning academy where I can get deep knowledge regarding it. Moreover, I downloaded various apps of English from where I can learn new words, grammar, proverbs, also sentence structure in various types.

How does it help you to learn any language?
Before sleeping in those days, I spoke words in my mouth, which I learned the whole day. Second thing, in the academy. I started to speak in English with my teacher. No doubts, I stammered but my tutor always told me one thing, broken English spoken English.

And how you felt about it?
To be honest, I felt that I was on the seventh heaven when I cleared the test to take admission in the ICSE board in secondary education. I was on 4th rank. I was feeling proud upon myself. So these things I did to learn another language which was mentioned by me now in front of you.

Part 3: follow-up 
Q1. What difficulties do people face when learning a language?
Most individuals face the problem to understand the accent of another language because they are not habitual. Secondly, they are unable to learn the new word, sentence structure also grammar part which is a must in every language.
Q2. Do you think language is important?
Yes, this is very beneficial for everybody. In this way, a person knows about the culture of another country when he uses a foreign language. Second thing, new doors are opened for settling the career to those who are bilingual.
Q3. Which is better to study in a group or to study alone?
Group study is the best because in the group person not only clear their doubts from someone also represent own idea in front of others. As a result, the level of confidence is rose and the hesitation remove.
Q4. What is the best way to learn any language?
Proper practice makes a man perfect. Persons should always continue their practice like to speak the language, learn new words watch videos in that language which he wants to learn. Use apps to speak with fluent speakers so that they can get ideas on every topic to improve.

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