Describe a teacher who impressed you the most in primary school

Describe a teacher who impressed you the most in primary school

Describe a teacher who impressed you the most in primary school

  • Who he/she is

  • How you know him/her

  • Why he/she impressed you the most

  • How you feel about him/her

Her name is Harpreet Kaur and her age is 45 years old. She got retirement from her job but she felt bored at home. That’s why again she started her job and spreading the knowledge which she has. One day, our maths teacher was absent at the time all students made a plan to read books in the library. I went there first because I was in 5th grade and we no had permission to go there. First time I met with Harpreet Kaur whose nature was too good. She spoke with every student in a polite way also softly. When I asked her for clearing some doubts about that book which I was reading. I thought I met her earlier because she was not behaving with me like a stranger person.
She influenced me for her good behavior. She had not only a good way of communication but also education. She shared with me that knowledge I didn’t know. Apart from it, she also taught me moral values, to become a punctual person. These qualities of her really influenced me because today just because of her. I finish every task before the time. She told me that if time has once gone, can never be recalled. This thing I have also remembered today.
I feel so lucky that during my childhood time that type of teacher taught me about discipline who made me a great ideal person in my life. Today I feel like I am flying in the sky like a bird or seventh heaven just because of Harpreet Kaur.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1. Why do some people always miss their childhood memories?

According to me, childhood is the best moment in everyone’s life where every child enjoys their life without any stress but nowadays everybody has a busy schedule so that’s why they do not spend time with their children and the result is kids start to feel isolated and lose their valuable moments.

Q2. Are kids happier than older people? If you think yes Why?

Yes definitely, children are mostly happy in their life as compared to adults because they have no tensions, worries, and stress. On the other hand, adults have more responsibilities on their shoulders.

Q3. Why do people still remember many of their friends and their memories from primary school?

According to my point of view, in primary school children spend a lot of time with their friends. Also, play games in the evening. They start to grow together and I think this is the main reason that people remember their friends with whom they met in primary school.

Q4. What kind of primary school teacher’s qualities impress students?

I think that teacher impresses the students who always teach them in a polite way also a softy. Moreover, she s a very hard work and creative person. Apart from this, they do not teach just theatrical works but also teach them practically like show pictures, graphics ao that students can understand properly.

(Model answer 2)

Well, I was a really funny person and used to do lots of fun during primary school education. However, the person whom I met in primary school changed my life and Impressed me a lot. His name is Harpreet Singh. He joined as a maths teacher in my primary school when I was in 4th standard. Apart from the Maths teacher, he was really a good person. One day, I was doing fun in class and he told me that you are good in studies and become successful if you take your studies seriously. Actually, I was not much serious in my education. He started caring for me and also gave me many valuable life lessons.

His words worked like a miracle for me. After a few weeks, I developed my interest in studies. I can say because of him, I have a keen interest in studies now. His teaching skills were also effective and easier. Moreover, He never put the burden on students for homework like our other tutors. He always taught us creative methods to make studying more interesting.

He was always lenient with me and other students. In addition, His valuable life lessons are still important and helpful for me. Apart from this, I came to know about his organization. He used to teach poor students free of cost with full dedication. As in today’s time, the majority of people work for money, but still, he is working for society. So, he is the most respected society. So he is the most respected person of my life whom I met in primary school and impressed me a lot.


(Model answer 3)

Although I know many persons who have a deep impact on my mind, Here I am going to talk about a special person who fascinated me when I was studying in primary school. She is none other than my English teacher. Her name is Mrs. Sonia.
I know her very well as she was the first person I met when I entered my primary education. She was really amiable so I got impressed by her noble personality. Since that day, I became a big fan of Mrs. Sonia.
She has several impressive qualities which tend to leave a permanent mark on other people. First of all, she is soft-spoken and treats everyone with honesty.
Also, she taught us in an astonishing way. I vividly remember, English was the most difficult subject for me because it was our second language and quite different from my mother tongue. Therefore, I confronted many problems in understanding the rules of this language.
But as soon as she started teaching our class, I became interested in this subject. She was well-versed in the English language. Due to her innovative teaching methods, I overcame my Language problems. So the credit for my success in the English language goes to Mrs. Sonia.
Apart from it, she is disciplined, punctual, and honest. She became a mentor for me. Also, she used to be a fitness freak so she followed a healthy lifestyle.
I feel the utmost respect for her since she is the only person who not only gave me educational knowledge but she also inculcated the basic values such as being kind-hearted, disciplined, and punctual.
Her personality has an everlasting imprint on my mind and I believe she is the most skillful person I have ever met in my life.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1. Why do some people always miss their childhood and memories?
A1- As per me, childhood is the golden age for everyone. In this stage of life, there are no or fewer responsibilities so children live their life with full comfort. For example, in my childhood, I enjoyed the most when used to play with my peers, and I never thought about life much. Nevertheless, we have to face the fact that as we grow older, we need to give more preference to our studies and carrier. So we miss the time when we didn’t have such stress.

Q2. Are kids happier than older people? If you think yes Why?
A2- Definitely, there is no denying the fact that kids lead a happier life as compared to adults. This is because they are free from the worries and tensions of the world. Childhood age revolves around having fun, playing games, eating candies; adults have many responsibilities and worries instead. That is why children feel more happiness than adults.

Q3. Why do people still remember many of their friends and their memories from primary school?
A3- Well, I believe it is the time when we make friends for the first time and spend our time with them. At this time, we get to know the importance of friendship and some friends become extremely important for us and we continue to be with them even in the middle and secondary education. Therefore, childhood friends are a great part of our life whom a person can never forget.

Q4. What kind of primary school teacher’s qualities impress students?
A4- As per me, those teachers who are friendly with their students are liked by the pupils the most. Primary education is the new beginning for every student where they can have problems either related to their understanding of a particular subject or the school system. If a teacher treats them kindly, then definitely children get impressed by such teachers and remember them.

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