IELTS Speaking Part 2: cue card for ielts speaking and follow-up questions


  • Who he/she is
  • How do you know him/her
  • What has he/she achieved
  • And explain why he/she is famous

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

7 Model Answers and its follow up questions


Who he/she is

There are a number of famous sportspeople and athletes whom I know, today I would like to talk about one of the Famous Indian athletes ‘Neeraj Chopra’. Recently, he got popular after winning a gold medal for India in the javelin throw. To be honest, when he won the gold medal, many national and international news channels featured him,

How do you know him/her

even social media users were uploading posts about his historic win, so that time i came to know about Neeraj Chopra. He did many interviews on various channels and told about his struggle for this achievement. He performed very well because of his 12 hours long practice every day as per his words.

What has he/she achieved? And explain why he/she is famous

After his great win for India, the Indian government as well as his home state government, Haryana awarded him with a huge amount as well as a government job on high rank.

Now, I follow him on Instagram and Facebook. After knowing about his struggle and failures before this success, I got the inspiration to work hard to chase dreams. So, this is a famous Indian athlete whom I know.


Who he/she is

Well, I love taking part in sports activities in my leisure time because this keeps me fit and active. Due to my interest in sports, I know a lot about various sports and sports personalities. Here, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about my most favourite athlete, whose name is ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’. He’s the most popular and successful football player of all time because of the achievements in his career. He embarked on his professional career in this sport at the age of 17. Throughout his career, he has attained many Premier League titles, and he has made several records.

How do you know him/her                                                


I have to say he’s considered a legend because he holds the record for most goals in football history. At the same time, he has won more than 300 trophies and medals in his entire career. and achieve Because of his game and achievements, he is the highest-paid athlete in the world.

What has he/she achieved?

Apart from his professional career, he is a very kind-hearted human being. He donates millions of dollars every year for the welfare of society and to help poor people.I must say I am a die-hard fan of ‘Ronaldo’ and I never miss any of his matches.

And explain why he/she is famous

Recently, I came across an article about ‘Ronaldo’ through which I got to know how much struggle he has done in his life.  If I talk about his diet and training regime, he eats up to six meals and takes five naps in a single day, which is the key attribute of his fitness.

Overall, he is not only an excellent football player but also a great human being.


1:- What characteristics do you think an athlete should have?

As far as I know, a good sportsperson must have a strong sense of motivation. Being motivated is the most important characteristic that a player should have because they have to stay focused and dedicated even if they are not winning. Then, an athlete should have self-discipline, which is very essential in order to achieve success. Without proper schedule and discipline, a sportsperson cannot train himself better due to a lack of control over their fitness and diet.

2:- Why are there so few top athletes?

I believe the primary reason for not having many top sportspersons in the world is that there are very few individuals who have the dedication to do so. Many people have the resources and fitness to become successful athletes, but the vast majority of them don’t work hard or train themselves on a daily basis. Because of this, there are only a small number of famous athletes who have done a lot of struggle over the years.

(Model answer 3) of Describe a sports person that you like

Who he/she is

I’m delighted I’ve got this topic because I’m a massive fan of sport. In particular, I’m obsessed with football. That’s English football, not American football. The player I’m going to talk about is a centre forward called Harry Kane.

How do you know him/her

Since I’m really into football, that’s how I heard of this player. Moreover, I’m a supporter of Tottenham and he plays for them so I watch him week in week out and he’s probably one of my favourite players at this moment in time. He has been playing for Tottenham for, oh let me think… about 9 or 10 years, but for some of that time he was on loan to other clubs.

What has he/she achieved?

In terms of achievements, well there are quite a few. Despite the fact that he has not won any trophies with his club or when he is playing for his national team, England, he was awarded the title of Player of the Year in England last season and has won the Golden Boot for the last two seasons.

Furthermore, for the calendar year of 2017, he scored the most goals in a season. He scored a total of 56 goals for club and country. Amazingly, he scored more goals than two of the world’s greatest footballers – Renaldo and Messi.

And explain why he/she is famous

Although he is still relatively young, he has become a respected player in the UK and globally. guess and I hope that in the very near future he becomes the greatest player in the world. I have no doubt that he can do this because he is an extremely determined person and works hard to be successful. He is a world-class player and can go from strength to strength. Probably the thing I love most about him is he is remarkably down-to-earth. He has the world at his feet and yet he still seems like the boy next door.

I’m delighted I’ve got this topic because I’m a massive fan of sports. In particular, I’m obsessed with football. That’s English football, not American football. The player I’m going to talk about is a centre forward called Harry Kane.

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