Describe a story someone told you and you still remember | New cue cards May to august 2022

Describe a story someone told you and you still remember | New cue cards May to august 2022


  • What the story was about
  • Who told you this story
  • Why you remember it
  • And how you feel about it

There are many stories in my mind those are unforgettable but today I have one story in my mind that I cannot forget in my whole life and today I want to talk about that story.

The story was regarding the unity in which four sons and one farmer whole give their sons one bundle of sticks and ask them to break but they fail but when he gives one stick to each then they break without any obstacle. So in this way, he wanted to teach them about unity.

When I was in the 4″ class. I always slept with my grandfather who is no more today. Before sleeping he always discussed with me one story on daily basis. One day he talked about that story from which I can something also regarding my future.

I remembered because today I live with my family also with my siblings.

Today I live with my members because I know the value of unity that if we live together then neither can break our relation nor can play with our life and this thing I learned from that story.
I am having a whale of a time because today our relationship is too strong. Furthermore, we are close to each other. So I feel today like a bird that I am lucky that I listened to this story and remember it forever.

1) Has storytelling to anyone changed over a period of time?

Yes, sure because nowadays people read various stories from books, magazines which they can read anytime. In this current era, some grandparents, parents also children are attached with the Television for watching movies or serials so they have no time to spend with each other for listening stories but in the past, mostly grandparents told them about the stories.

2) Which way is best, traditional storytelling or the use of technology in the story?

I believe that the traditional method is the best because through it children can make their good bonding with their parents also grandparents also can touch the pictures in the books. So the traditional way is best.

3) Do you think that basically, most people are good at storytelling?

Well, it is difficult to say anything about this question because some people have experienced the stories and they are experts to tell someone but several are not good because many stories are real or fake.

4)What thing makes storytelling effective?
Many methods can make a story impressive Like the use of gestures also right pauses at the right places also good pronunciation which makes the story effective. But some stories create just entertainment like fairy tales.

5)it is important to tell stories?

Yes, it is crucial because through stories many people can learn various things also a good way of communication. Sometimes some stories teach about the actions and roles of the actors.

6)which thing is beneficial reading books or watching documentaries?
This thing has its own benefits and drawbacks. I think reading is the best because sometimes reading books can read anywhere and anytime but from the documentaries, people can learn many things by audio or visual and this is a physical activity.

7) Do youngsters like the same stories as older people listen to?

I think no, because most children like entertainment, comedy also colorful also rhyme related whereas senior citizens prefer long stories, more complex also mysterious.

8) How has technology changed in the case of storytelling?
This thing has changed just because of developing technology. Traditional stories are replaced with it Mostly people like to listen to stories animated from YouTube and entertain themselves by themselves.

9) How do people tell stories to their children?

Mostly they use gestures for telling stories, different voices, and eye contact. Some people tell stories by various actions so that listeners can easily understand.

10) Why do children like stories and how it entertains them?
They like it because they introduced new ideas, places creatures. Some stories entertain of them and increase curiosity about the further story also improves their imaginative skills.

(model answer 2)

Well, I have heard lots of stories in my childhood and still, sometimes I like to listen from my grandparents. Here, I am going to talk about a story that I vividly remember. When I was in 6th standard, my father told me a meaningful story. This is the story of ‘Thirsty crow’.
Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty and it was a hot summer day. the crow flew here and there in search of water because he was thirsty. But he couldn’t find water anywhere.
At last, he reached into a garden and saw a pot there. Unfortunately, there was very little water in it, he couldn’t drink it. But he didn’t upset and thought a plan. He brought some pieces of stones and put them into the pot. Slowly, the water rose up. He drank the water and flew away.
The moral of the story is never lose hope until your last try.
I used to hear lots of stories from my parents and grandparents which gave me lots of life lessons. All in all, I feel this story always motivates me to reach one destination whatever the situation is. So this is a story that I heard from my father and still remember.


(Model answer 3)

Well, I am an innovative person and I love to grab knowledge through videos exploring distinct places or by stories.

Here, I would like to talk about a story that has remained etched in my memories.  I vividly remember, when I was in primary school, my English mentor told me an inspirational story of the turtle and the hare.

The story was about the person’s power of dedication and determination towards any ambition.

In the story, there was a hare who had conceit on his ability of excellent running. He always wanted to flaunt his capability in form of a turtle.

On the day, the hare bragged and asked the turtle for a race. The turtle agreed and finally, the race began. The hare was an overconfident and under-estimate turtle due to which, he faced defeat, whereas the turtle won the race because he was focused and perseverant.

On the winning of turtle, the hare had an egg on the face and he ate humble pie.

This was a great story and I was extremely happy when I listened to it for the first time.

I still remember this story because this usually gives me the motivation to accomplish my aspiration step by step without any lethargic attitude.

Besides this, I learned a lesson that as long as the person is steady and determined, he will always get the victory, no matter what his speed is.

To cap it all, this is the story which is listened from my teacher in school and still remember.

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