Describe a special cake you received from others ielts speaking new cue-card 2022

Describe a special cake you received from others ielts speaking new cue-card 2022

Describe a special cake you received from others ielts cue card

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for at least one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say in the cue card. You can make some notes to help you if you wish to.

IELTS cue card Describe a special cake you received from others

You should say :

  • when it happened?
  • where did it happen?
  • who you bring a cake?
  • and explain how you felt?

Well, I believe that having friends who really care about you is a blessing of God. I feel lucky because I have such friends who really love me a lot. Although I have received a lot of cakes till now on my birthdays from my family members, here I would like to talk about one special cake that I received from my friends. And I am talking about one special cake then that doesn’t mean the other cakes.
I received were not special to me, those cakes were also special because I believe these things are the indication of love in my parent’s heart for me. I am one of those people who value those people a lot who manage to take time for me from their busy schedules.
my friends brought me a cake on my last birthday at my home which is in Patiala. All of my r friends are not from the same city named Patiala but on my birthday 1st of July, all of my friends came to my home to surprise me.
This Time the cake I got was a bit unique. I saw that type of cake for the first time because I don’t know-how but on that cake, my picture was printed And that thing added additional value to that cake. It was not only beautiful but It was delicious too.
I can’t explain in words how excited I was at that time. I felt that the cake was special and it had a certain warmth to it, a quality which is not found in many things nowadays. The love with which it was made and the love with which it was brought to me by my friends was amazing. So this was a special cake I received.

(Model answer 2)

Well in my life I have tasted so many birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, and marriage cakes. Frankly speaking, I love all flavors of cake such as black forest, red velvet, vanilla, and many more.
Today, I will take this opportunity to talk about a such delectable cake, which is also my favorite.
On my 20th birthday, I received this cake from my friend and family members. Durning the corona pandemic, the government announced a lockdown that’s why all cafes, restaurants, and bakeries were shut down.
I decided to calibrate my birthday at home, we organized a small party. I invited my close friends to enjoy that occasion. To be honest, initially,I was down in the dumps because I thought I have to celebrate a birthday without cake. But when my friends came they were surprised with a superb cake. Interestingly, it was homemade red velvet cake. The decoration of this cake was outstanding. I was on cloud nine after seeing that delicious cake.
Finally, I cut the cake and when I tasted that cake. I was completely amazed by that cake and I could not control myself to hug my friends.
More so, the cake was decorated with slices of fruits that made the cake tastier than I expected. Fortunately, I appreciate such a mind-blowing present so this was special that I have received from others.

Q1. What is the difference between special food made in India and other countries?
As India is a country of vivid culture, different peoples, lots of languages, lots of festivals, just India is a country of vivid different foods. I think the difference between special food in India and other countries is that it’s mostly vegetarian. Moreover, Indian food is more special than other cuisines.
Q2. Is there any food in your country which is eaten on special occasions or at special times?
India is a diverse nation. The choice of food differs from state to state and city to city. For example, north Indian side people thrive primarily on dishes like mustard mash with bread for special functions. People saying in central India have funnel cake as their special food. While western states have dhokla and thepla as favorite food items. On the other hand. People from the south eat dosa and idli at festivals.
Q3. Why are some people willing to spend a lot of money on food on special days?
A few people spend more on food on special occasions. The first reason is that they want to make these days memorable forever. they spend a lot on food to make these days memorable. They further wish that the times spent by their near and dear ones on special occasions should always remain memorable in their memories.
Q4. Do you think It is good to talk when eating with your family?
I believe it is prudent to discuss while eating with family. It serves two benefits. Firstly, it may reduce the gap between the family relation. When they discuss, they come close to each other family member. Apart from this, it helps family problems to handle the conflicts conveniently by putting forth their opinions.

(Model answer 3)

I am fond of sweet dishes like laddu, barfi and so on. And I also like to eat different types of cakes such as strawberry, mango, pineapple but today I would like to talk about the special moment when others organized a special cake for me.
My birth date is 1 July. On my last birthday, I was an employee in the perfect IELTS institute. There I was an IELTS trainer where I taught a number of students about the IELTS modules. During my teaching period, my birthday came and my institute staff organized a small function for me. And there I received a cake which was in chocolate flavor because I like it.
No doubt it is good but in limit. Family members should speak less while having food with each other because sometimes while talking too much food does not digest properly but after having food there is no restriction to talk with each other because in this way they can share their moments of the whole day take suggestion on important topics from each other.
I vividly remember that I was teaching students about the writing module in the basic class. Then our reception teacher came to me and told me that the whole staff member also the main head of the institute is calling you to the office. When I went there. I saw that there was a big chocolate cake in a circle shape on the table also the name was written on the cake.
The moment was too special for me because that was the first time in my life when someone gave me a surprise on my birthday. I was fully on the seventh heaven.
No doubt, today I have left my job but that moment I will remember forever.
So that was the time when I received a cake from other


(Model answer 4)

Well, I have attended many special occasions when I enjoyed cakes, however today I would like to talk about that When I received a cake from others. My birthday falls on July 1st. Mostly I celebrate my birthday with my friends and family outside, but last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic all restaurants were closed, so I decided to celebrate at home.
Honestly speaking, I was a little bit upset because at first, I thought that my birthday would be without Cake. When my cousins came they surprised me with a beautiful big cake. It was three layers heart shape cake. The interesting thing was that it was a homemade dark chocolate cake. It was looking amazing. I was on cloud nine after seeing that cake and everyone was busy taking photos including me.
Then, I cut the cake and when I tasted that cake, I couldn’t control myself to hug my cousins. It was so delicious even more than I expected. Moreover, they added fruits to that cake to make it tastier. At last, I thanked them for such a beautiful surprise. So that was the time when I received a cake from others.

(Model answer 5)

Having a sweet tooth, I don’t miss any chance to eat desserts especially cake which I can eat until it’s coming out of my ears, as I’m so obsessed with it. And for me, any occasion whether it is small or big is incomplete without a delicious/delectable cake. So, whenever there is an important event in my life, my parents or people who know me well make sure that there should be a cake to make me feel special. One of these occasions was just a few months back when I passed my Grade 12 with flying colors and to celebrate this success, my very close cousin baked a cake for me which was absolutely scrumptious.
This cake was actually my favorite flavor Vanilla with lots of fruits and nuts inside and had some colorful sprinkles on the top. So not just it was tasty but also so tempting/appealing that I couldn’t resist/stop myself from eating it right away when it was presented to me. Even thinking about it now is making my mouth watery.


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