Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS new cue card 2022

Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS new cue card 2022

Describe a place in a village that you visited IELTS new cue card 2022

You should say :

  • Where it is?
  • When did you visit this place?
  • What did you do there?
  • how do you feel about this place?

First of all, I will say just one thing that I belong to the city Maler Kotla but today I got a chance to share the experience regarding the village where I visited with one of my friends Pirtpal.
Where it is?
We both visited the area of Fatehgarh panjgraian which is on Maler Kotla road in Sangrur. And we went there by bus in the last year in the last month of august. We started the journey in the morning around 9 am.
When did you visit this place?
Last year, because we both were free from our own work. Second thing, at that time the weather was good neither cold nor hot.
What did you do there?
Actually, my friend suggest to me that we should visit village Fatehgarh panjgrainan because the number of people is addicted to drugs especially teenagers who are just below 15 years old. Firstly, when we reached there we both organized a small camp and the name got new healthy life. In that camp, we told the resident there as well as children that drugs can make your body like grass. For example, the grass always stays under the foot of a human being you will also even your precious life will under the devil, and he will destroy you. In the end, we distributed some pamphlets in which some ways mentioned to leave the drugs also some medicines.
And how do you feel about this place?
To be honest, I really feel proud of ourselves for the ways we make with all friends with that person who reveals me right path. Lastly, after coming back when One week had completed many dwellers of Fatehgarh panjgraaian made a phone call to us that 80% individuals to turn the face from drugs. At that time, I was in seventh heaven.

Q1. Do young people enjoy village life?
If I say truth then I will say no and the reason is which facility they can get in the urban area they do not attain in villages. For example, shopping mall, sports club center, big market, entertainment and many more.
Q2. Do old people prefer to live in the villages or do they prefer in the city?
Senior citizens like to reside in suburban areas because the air is too fresh of that area. Secondly, there is totally serene environment. In the evening time, they meet with their friends which is not possible in the city just because of the busy schedule of people.
Q3. Why do many people move from small towns to big cities?
A number of individuals make decisions because according to the very few amenities are available in the countryside as compared to urban areas where new opportunities they can get making their career the best as well as of their children.

Q4. What is the main difference between living in the villages and living in the cities?
The major difference is people have less time to continue with each other because their schedule is hectic but in the village human beings like to meet with each other although they have work or do not also get up in the early morning. I mean to say they are an early bird. Secondly, entertainment, education, hospital facilities are less in the village but in the city uncountable.
Q5. How has life changed in the villages in your country bypassing time?
This thing is happened just because of the developed cities because now the roads of the small town are attached to big cities. Moreover, the library has provided to children so that they can become educated people and borrow books free of cost.


(Model answer 2)

I come from Sangrur and there are many villages near my city. Today, I would like to talk about a place where I visited. It is Fatehgarh panjgraian village. Last month, I went to nankser sahib with my friend by walk. Basically, this is a religious place in panjgraian which is approximately 10 kilometres far from my hometown. I went there by walk because one of my dreams got fulfilled.
So, I and my friend went there and began our journey at 6 am. We reached there after 2 hours. After reaching there, I found a long queue to pay obeisance. It took nearly 1 hour to pay obeisance. After that, my friend and I went to the community kitchen and helped the other volunteers to cook food for devotees. We were enjoying ourselves a lot while cooking the food with older people.
Then, we took a cup of tea from the community hall and came back home. Honestly speaking, Whenever I visit that place, I forget all my worries. This is really a peaceful place. So this is a place in Fatehgarh panjgraian village where I visited.

(Model answer 3)

Since my childhood, I have been living in a rural area and almost 45 km away from my Village there is another village named Bhadaur. Which was previously not very famous and there was nothing to enjoy. Last year, however, the park was established there. Many people started Visiting that Park. Although it was just 7 km from my village, I was unable to visit there as I was occupied.

Almost 2 months ago I made a plan to visit that village with my cousin who just completed his graduation and returned home after four years from Germany. I was not very much interested. I made that plan only for my cousin. But when I visited that park then I was amazed by the facilities they provide and the way they maintained that is commendable. I did a lot of things over there. I clicked photos, rode a horse, and went boating. It was the first time in my life when I went boating.

I was very excited. That was not only a park, it was a nice place for pre-wedding shoots and a nice picnic Spot. Most of the visitors of that park come there to
click pictures because the views they have provided are amazing. Apart from this, there is a lot of greenery that can rejuvenate the mind. Some birds and animals were also there such as birds, ducks, dogs, peacocks, and horses.

The day I visited there with my cousin was the day when I felt like I was in the lap of nature and honestly speaking I was feeling so relaxed after visiting there and I was enjoying everything like the chirping of birds and the beauty of nature. Besides this some vintage cars were also present there, all in all, it was beyond my expectations And it was an enjoyable experience I had and would love to visit there again.

(Model answer 3)

Although living in metropolitan cities can be prospective, Villages are rejuvenating places. Visiting the rural areas is always fascinating to experience for me. Here, I would like to talk about a time when I visited a beautiful reservoir which is situated in Fatehgarh panjgraian village of Sangrur. Actually, one of my friends who lives in this village so invited us during summer vacation, therefore, we decided to go there.

There are several eye-captivating places in the village such as ancient temples, alluring views of greenery, however; I and my family explored Parvati Lake, which is the most place in Fatehgarh panjgraian . I got peace of mind since this place seemed very calm. Apart from that, it was fascinating to observe numerous species of birds which were buzzing near the lake. Moreover, there were a plethora of activities that one can indulge in lakes such as boating and kayaking so I enjoyed boating which was a wonderful experience.

Furthermore, I had some nacks which I fed to little fish, turtles, and other aquatic animals, to be honest, I was very satisfied afterward. Also, bank of Parvati lake there is a small farmhouse where several types of plants, colorful flowers, and vegetables are grown which give a glorious view of the lack. I felt that all my stress and worries burnt out within a minute.


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