Describe a Person Who makes Ideas and Opinions

Describe a Person Who makes Ideas and Opinions

You should say:

  • Who this person is.
  • How you know this person.
  • How they influence ideas and opinions.
  • Why you find this person inspiring.

I’d like to talk about a person in my life who has a knack for inspiring ideas and opinions. This person is Mr. Avtar Singh, the head instructor at my local IELTS Institute.

I got to know Mr. Avtar Singh when I enrolled in an IELTS preparation course at his institute. He’s not just any instructor; he has a unique way of making the English language come alive in the classroom. His passion for the subject was infectious, and it made learning English and preparing for the IELTS exam so much more enjoyable.

What made Mr. Avtar Singh stand out was his ability to encourage critical thinking and open discussions. In his class, he didn’t just teach grammar and vocabulary; he challenged us to think deeper and form our own opinions about various topics related to the English language. He often started class with open-ended questions like, “What do you think are the most effective ways to improve your English skills?” or “How does language influence our daily lives?” These questions stimulated our minds and led to lively debates among students.

Mr. Avtar Singh’s teaching style made me realize that English wasn’t just about learning words and grammar rules, but about understanding the nuances, cultural context, and communication skills that come with it. He encouraged us to practice speaking and writing in English regularly, which helped us become more confident in using the language.

I find Mr. Avtar Singh inspiring because he not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a sense of curiosity and independent thinking in his students. He showed us that our opinions and ideas about the English language and its significance in today’s globalized world mattered and could contribute to our overall language proficiency.

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