DESCRIBE A PERSON WHO CONTRIBUTES TO THE SOCIETY | April to september new cue cards 2022

DESCRIBE A PERSON WHO CONTRIBUTES TO THE SOCIETY | April to september new cue cards 2022


  • Who this person is

  • How you knew him or her w him or her

  • What type of work he or she does

  • And explain why you think he or she contributes to the society

In this modern world, it is very rare to find a person who is working for humanity because everyone is busy earning for himself or herself. However, today I would like to talk about a person who is a great social worker. He is none other than Anmol Kawatra. He is only 25 years old and looks very handsome. Moreover, his father is a reputed businessman in Ludhiana. Instead of working with his father in business, he is doing

this noble cause.
He runs his NGO ‘We don’t accept money or things’.I came to know about him when I was surfing on Facebook.

In addition, he doesn’t work to earn because his family supports him financially as well as his parents also encouraged him to do this social work.
This is World’s first NGO that works without taking funds into the account. They work with full transparency. Every day he goes to a reputed hospital in Ludhiana with his team from 8 Pm to 10 Pm where he meets needy patients. Moreover, Anmol’s main role is to meet the patients and upload their videos on his social media handles with brief detail so that more and more folks may come forward to help

the needy people.
Apart from this, he was awarded by the local government and many organizations for this noble cause.

He has become an inspiration for today’s generation as well as he is also my role model. So this is a person who contributes the society in a very excellent way.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1 Are people helping others more than before?
People have been very busy with work in the 21st century. They don’t help others to succeed, they always try to compete with others. So, I think people in the past have helped more than they do now.

Q2. Who should teach children to help others? Parents or teachers?
Yes, both parents and teachers should teach children to help others. They may motivate children to perform volunteer activities. Please donate with your child. By donating used toys, clothes, and money to charities, children can learn how their contributions can help others. Give them chores around the house. Many parents do household chores for their children, and this is a great way to teach them to help

Q3. In what sort of professions do human beings assist others extra?

A. Many jobs have obligations that consist of supporting human beings consisting of healthcare workers, counselors, or customer support representatives. Moreover, A instructor gives you preparation to college students to study extra approximately a selected subject. It can also be done additionally using the real-world example.

Q4. Why are a few human beings inclined to assist others?
answer. Helping others make human beings more satisfied which, enhances their productivity. Here are a few medical advantages of assisting others. When you help others, you stay longer. Helping others makes us happy and keeps lowering blood pressure. Helping others sell advantageous behaviors in teens and supply us a feel of motive and satisfaction

(Model answer 2)

Well, I think that nowadays a multitude of people are preferring their assistance towards the betterment of the community directly or indirectly, but I would take this opportunity to talk about ‘Dadaroa Bhilore’. He is a vegetable vendor by profession; however, often he can be seen in the middle of Mumbai’s

busiest roads, filling potholes in order to dodge road accidents. Owing to his work, he has earned the nickname ‘Pothole Dada’. Dada is an affectionate term in India for an elder brother. Actually, some years ago his influencing efforts became widely known, and his soul-stirring story was trending on almost every social media site, and that’s the time when I heard his story online on Youtube.
Unfortunately, Dadarao Bhilore’s son died in a road accident caused by a pothole on the road in Mumbai. Shattered by the death of his only son, he took upon the onus upon himself to fill every pothole he could. Initially, he began to fill one hole a day in his son’s grief and remembrance to ensure no other parent go through the same misfortune that he had to.

But, now he has turned it into a sustained mission of making India ‘Pothole-free’. Using sand and gravel collected from building sites, Bhilore has filled in over 1000 potholes across India in past few years. Not only this, he has also created a mobile application called ‘Spothole’, which not only takes the help of fellow citizens to together locate these chuckholes but also point out the pothole to a municipal corporation who can take cognizance of it. As a matter of fact, potholes are an increasingly frightening problem for commuters in India, causing thousands of road deaths every year.

Moreover, in monsoon months, these potholes become waterlogged making it difficult for travelers to judge their size or depth. Amid this, Bhilore stands out as an example of how even one man can reduce the chances of appalling road accidents. Although Dadarao’s fixes may not be permanent, they go long way in working as an emergency measure to prevent accidents. Overall, I would say that Dadarao Bhilore has helped arouse social responsibility and his action has inspired many for a better cause.

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