Describe a memory related to the first day of your school IELTS New cue-Card 2022

Describe a memory related to the first day of your school IELTS New cue-Card 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue-cards for IELTS speaking by IELTSKING

Describe a memory related to the first day of your school

You should say:

  • What the memory is?
  • When did it happen?
  • How is this memory special for you?
  • Explain how you feel about this memory?

Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

What the memory is?

Some of the memories of my first day at school are quite vivid, while there are other details that are quite hazy. But I have been able to reconstruct most of what happened from different sources. My parents’ memories, the photographs in our album, and loose fragments of my own memories have helped me cobble together a picture of all that happened on that day.

When did it happen?

That was the day I first stepped into St George’s High School, about twenty years back. My parents had clicked a photograph of me, ready to leave for my first day of school. I am in pigtails grinning broadly, wearing a white frock with red polka dots, carrying my red water bottle and the new school bag. My parents told me that once I reached school when my mother dropped me at the door of my class and turned to go, that was when reality hit me that I was going to be separated from her. I clung to my mother’s hand and started bawling loudly.

How is this memory special for you?

My teacher picked me up to take me inside but I was wrestling furiously to free myself and screaming at the top of my voice as my mother left me. I was still sobbing uncontrollably when the shelves lined with toys caught my attention. My teacher took me to the shelf and told me to take whatever I liked. The entire class was full of wailing kids and the teachers were doing their best to mollify them. My favorite Batman figure was there and I grabbed it and for some time Batman helped me forget my present woes.

Explain how you feel about this memory?

My teacher distributed cookies and sweets and also took us to the play area, where we spent time on the swings and slides. Thankfully our class only lasted for half a day. My mother came to pick me up and I was in safe territory. The second picture in my album, which clicked when I was back from school, clearly sums up my experience. Hair disheveled, clothes in disarray, and teary-eyed, this one is quite the opposite of the first one. I think the new environment, the unfamiliar faces, and separation anxiety were all too overwhelming for a four-year-old to handle. However, after a week or so, school seemed safer and more exciting and there were no more teary goodbyes to my parents when they dropped me off.


IELTS Speaking Part 3: follow-up questions Describe a memory related to the first day of your school

Here are some of the examples of follow-up questions that you may ask during your speaking part 3 by the examiner related to cue card “Describe a memory related to the first day of your school“.

Q1. Should parents take children to school or should they go on their own?

When children are very young, I think it is better if parents take them to school, as they may find it difficult to travel on their own. But when they get a little older, they should be allowed to travel on their own, as it will help them build confidence in their ability to deal with the world. Most schools have school buses, which offer safe and easy commutes to students. Once children enter senior school, they can be encouraged to use public transport services, which would boost their self-reliance.

Q2. How can we train children to be more independent?

I think there are many ways to teach children to handle things independently. Often parents are overprotective and like to do everything for the child. Instead, parents should allow children to solve problems or make small decisions on their own. They should also be given small responsibilities at home.

Q3. Should children depend on their parents or should they be independent?

I would say children should be allowed to be independent, and parents should train children from a young age to be so. Doing things independently increases self-worth and confidence and prepares children for the challenges they may face in the future.

Q4. What problems can over interference of parents in the lives of their children cause?

Over interference by parents may cause children to feel unfulfilled as they may feel as if they have no control over their own lives. When even the tiniest decisions are made for children by their parents, they may become over-dependent and end up being unable to take responsibility for their actions.

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