Describe a Long walk you ever had with your friend IELTS new cue-card 8 bands sample answer

Describe a Long walk you ever had with your friend IELTS new cue-card 8 bands sample answer

Describe a Long walk you ever had with your friend

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I am an innovative and adventurous person. I love to explore distinct places with my peers. It either be by foot or vehicle.

Here, I would like to shed some light on a long walk that had with my peers/ friends in Monali. Actually, Mohali is a hill station which is a renowned tourism hub ample sightseers visit there daily. I vividly reminisce two years ago, there was my summer vacation. At that time, I was free from my academics. So my friends and I decided to go to Manali and enjoy the Beas Kund Track Walk. Because it is one of the eminent tracks of Manali which is quite adventurous.

We hit the road in the early morning of 5 June for Manali and were there, in the evening. On the next day, we took a water bottle, cameras, and other vital commodities and started the track walk.

No doubt, I am a health-conscious person and often go for a morning walk. But, it was quite different. Beas Kund Track’s distance is about 16 two-way. After passing the valley and a river. We reached the top of the mountains, which is about 13,000 FT above ground. The view was quite stupendous. I felt there like I am in a lap of nature. No doubt, we were exhausted a lot because the environment was screne& free from hustle&bustle of cities.

Apart from this, we clicked a plethora of pictures. During our walk, we took a break for half an hour & ate snacks. another fascinated thing was, our voice echoed in the sky which gave me inner gratification.

To cut the long story, in short, there was the long walk that I ever had and it was an electrifying experience for me ever.

Part 3: follow-ups

Q1. What outdoor activities do people most like?
Well. There are umpteen outdoor activities which individual Like, such as playing football or cricket, jogging, cycling and many more. These activities help people to become fit as a fiddle.
Q2. What is the difference between the outdoor activities children did in the past and in the current period?
Indeed, there is a huge difference in the activities which juveniles preferred in the yesteryears and now. As, in the ancient time period, offsprings loved to play hide and seek, dog and the bone and tag and running. However, nowadays, the whole scenario is changed and offsprings give preference to professional sports like cricket, badminton, and soccer.
Q3. Is leisure time prominent for everyone?
Of course, it is vital for every individual. As workaholic culture prevails, most individuals have a hectic schedule in order to cater to their needs. They feel tired after working for stretch hours. So a break is necessary to them, with this, they can heed properly on their work.
Q4. Do men have less leisure time than women?
Well, I don’t think so I might be true in yesteryears, but now, in this fast-paced era, both men and women are working. They have equal time for leisure activities and work. Even, women are leading n each domain, by engrossed themselves in work with proper dedication or determination.

(Model answer 2)

WELL, walking is the most important activity for humans. It helps to digest the food as well. Everyone should do a walk in the early morning or after dinner and I usually do a walk twice a day. Here, I would like to talk about a time when I had a long walk. I remember, Last year I went to Lohara by walk which is approximately 7 Km far from my hometown. I never had this kind of long walk before. I and My friend decided to go there for a walk. Basically, Lohara is a religious place, I usually go there every Thursday by Motorbike. But that time I decided to go on a walk because one of my dreams got fulfilled.

So, I and my friend started our journey at 6 Am and the walking lasted for about two hours. During our walk, we did lots of fun and We enjoyed the natural beauties of local areas. It was really a peaceful walk and I was enjoying the birds chirping and the environment was also pollution-free. I made some videos on religious songs while walking and uploaded them on my social sites. Finally, I reached there before sunrise and paid obeisance there and we did some community work there and also helped in the community kitchen. After taking tea from the community kitchen, I and my friend came back home.
So, that was the time when I had a long walk

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