Describe a difficult thing you did IELTS new cue card

Describe a difficult thing you did IELTS new cue card April to sep 2022 8 band sample answer

Describe a difficult thing you did

  • What was the difficult
  • How did you complete it difficult thing
  • why it was difficult
  • explain

well, I don’t think so I might be true in yesteryears, but now, in this fast-paced era, both men and women are working. They have equal time for leisure activities and work. Even, women are leading n each domain, by engrossed themselves in work with proper dedication or determination. A really challenging thing I did recently was resetting my sleep schedule.

Due to the long period of lockdown, I had become used to sleeping very late and rising late. Binge-watching web series on Netflix, scrolling through social media, and late night chatting with friends, meant that sleep time was getting extended to 1 or 2 am. As recently lockdown restrictions were relaxed and the government announced the reopening of colleges, I was faced with the onerous task of tweaking my lifestyle and getting back to the habit of waking up early. I must say making a shift to an early bird lifestyle was a hard nut to crack. The first week I set a target of getting to bed by 11 and waking up by 6 am.

I turned in by 11 but kept tossing and turning in bed for a long time. Sleep kept eluding me. And when the alarm went off at 6 the next morning, I turned it off and didn’t wake up till about 9 am. The first few days of my new endeavor were a total disaster. I realized the real battle was not waking up early, but going to sleep on time. Now I was hit by the seriousness of the situation. I was distraught at the prospect of not being able to wake up early and get to college on time. I turned to online resources for tips. After watching some videos, I realized that the change could happen only gradually.

I set up more realistic bedtime and wake-up goals. I also made some serious alterations to my lifestyle. For starters, I took some steps like having an early dinner, turning down the lights, avoiding my phone, and also cutting down on coffee in the late evenings. I also began to incorporate some workouts close to bedtime, so that I would be totally exhausted and would just plop down on the bed and go to sleep. All this was not easy at all. I had to be disciplined and consistent. My efforts paid off finally. I managed to recalibrate my system, to get up early, feeling fresh, while at the same time getting the sleep I need. Now waking up early is a cinch.

Part 3: Follow-up

Q1. What challenges do young people face today?
Youngsters face various kinds of challenges. In academics, they are faced with the huge syllabus and the cutthroat competition to get into premier institutions. Socially young people struggle for acceptance and approval and are constantly making efforts to keep up to the standards of society. They also face huge uncertainness in relationships when they fail to find trustworthy friends or an emotional support system.
Q2. On what occasions should children be encouraged?
Children should be encouraged to be confident and strong. They can be encouraged to try out new hobbies or learn new skills. Some children may feel discouraged by poor academic grades and a word of encouragement would be of great help on such occasions.
Q3. In which jobs require people to be confident and sharp?
I think confidence is vital in all workplaces. From teachers to doctors, almost all professions require people to have confidence in their skills and abilities. Confidence and self-assurance are keys to success and high productivity. Confident people would be able to stay calm when faced with challenges and would be able to tackle them effectively. Also, I believe, confidence helps others trust you more easily and your views would be taken more seriously.
Q4. How can you help the children to stay focused on any work for example academic tasks?
Children get distracted due to several factors. Minimizing these could help them concentrate better on their task. Distractions from mobile phone notifications or other electronic gadgets are the most prominent. They may also be distracted by noisy environments.

(Model answer 2)

Well, due to my challenging nature, I always try to do something new and difficult.

here, I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about a time when I made an Oreo cake on my own, which was a cumbersome task for me.

Actually, last year, during the Covid-19 lockdown, there was an occasion of my brother’s birthday.

As we are very close to each other, I really wanted to give him a surprise birthday cake. each other, I really wanted

However, due to the lockdown, all bakeries and restaurants were closed, so I couldn’t order the birthday cake from anywhere.

Finally, I came across the idea to bake an Oreo cake at home using a microwave.

So, I started watching Youtube videos in order to acquire some knowledge about cake making.

Although cooking is not my cup of tea, these videos gave me confidence that I could do it.

The next day, I went to a grocery store to buy some Oreo biscuits, Chocolate syrup, baking powder, and milk, as the essential services were allowed to remain open in the morning.

If I talk about the cake-making process, first I made a smooth paste of Oreo biscuits and milk in a mixer jar, and then, I also added some chocolate syrup to make it more chocolaty.

At the same time, I added some baking powder as well to bake it properly.

Then, I poured the mixture into a glass bowl and put it into the microwave.

Finally, the Oreo cake was ready after a few minutes, which was looking super delicious.

I must say my brother got surprised when I wished him at 12 am, along with this cake.

Fortunately, everyone, including my parents, liked the taste and quality of the cake.

I was really nervous as well as excited during the entire process of cake making, but everyone appreciated my efforts and loved the cake.

Part 3: Follow-up

Q1. In which jobs require people to be confident and sharp?

I believe in all kinds of jobs, employees need to be confident in order to become successful. This is because confidence plays a vital role in an employee’s personality and helps them gain the trust of potential customers. For example, a job as a doctor requires a lot of confidence so people can trust him while getting any medical advice. Similarly, a job in marketing also requires workers to have enough confidence to increase sales by telling their products and services to customers.

Q2. On what occasions should children be encouraged towards their goal?

• As far as I know, kids should be motivated to achieve their targets. If a child is interested in any particular activity, like sports or arts, then parents should definitely encourage them, so they can gain confidence to try their best. Then, parents should motivate their children when they feel low or anxious and lonely. Sometimes during exams or competitions, children feel stressed and low and at that time, it’s important to boost their morale through encouragement.



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