Describe a daily routine that you enjoy

Describe a daily routine that you enjoy


2. Describe a daily routine that you enjoy

You should say

  • What it is
  • Where and when you do it
  • Who do you do it with
  • Explain why you enjoy it.

Note: you have to talk for 1 to 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to take a look at the main points and prepare some notes which you can use while speaking.

Model Answers and follow-up questions to Describe a daily routine that you enjoy IELTS Cue Card:

Sample Answer 1:


I do several daily routines such as walking, playing games, and many more. Here, today I would like to talk about a daily routine that I do. It is a 4-kilometer morning walk. I wake up at 6 am every day and go for walks at the Nature park.

What it is:

This is really a big and beautiful park in my town. I visit there for a morning walk with my brother, Deepak. I remember, I was encouraged by a famous athlete, Milkha Singh, once in an interview, he advised people to do morning walk for a healthier lifestyle.

Where and when you do it:

Since that time, I have been following this exercise. Sometimes my brother skips the routine, but I must go and enjoy my walk. Moving further, doing the walk in the morning gives numerous health benefits. Firstly, it helped me to overcome an anxiety problem. Furthermore, I also reduced my 8-kilogram weight by doing a morning walk.

Who do you do it with: Explain why you enjoy it:

To be honest, earlier, I was the laziest person at home, however, I am active and healthier now.

My brother and I also walk on the grass track for a few minutes in the morning because It is fruitful for eyes health. Walking has also improved my concentration power, therefore it is proven beneficial to improve my academic performance. Moreover, it helps me to get better sleep too. So, this is a daily routine that I enjoy a lot.

Sample Answer (2)


One of my favorite daily routines is going for a morning run. I typically begin my run around 6:00 am, when the sun is just beginning to rise and the streets are relatively quiet. I lace up my running shoes, step outside of my apartment, and set out on my route.

What it is:

My usual running path takes me through a nearby park, where I am able to take in the natural beauty of the area. The park is home to a variety of trees and plants, as well as a small lake where I often see ducks and other birds. The fresh air and natural surroundings provide a peaceful and rejuvenating start to my day.

Where and when you do it:

I usually run alone, but on occasion, I’ll run with a friend or family member. There’s something special about having someone to share the experience with, and we often use the time to catch up and chat.

Explain why you enjoy it:

I enjoy this routine for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, it allows me to clear my mind and start the day with a sense of calm and focus. And finally, the natural setting and early morning quiet of the park make for a truly peaceful and enjoyable experience. Overall, my morning run is a vital part of my daily routine, and I look forward to it each and every day.

Sample Answer (3)


Well, I have a plethora of routines in my life such as taking a bath, brushing my teeth, going for a walk, and studying. However, today I want to shed some light on my particular daily routine that gives me satisfaction and a sense of relief. “That is Yoga and meditation”. I love to do this in the morning time with my mother.

What it is:

Doing yoga and meditation in the early morning with a peaceful atmosphere increase the blood flow to the brain. So, I must say that in my home, the garden is the best place where I love to do it in the morning regularly. Apart from this, meditation reduces the amount of stress and increases happiness. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Where and when you do it: Explain why you enjoy it:

My mother and I started this 7 months ago but nowadays it becomes my daily routine activity. I enjoy it because it refreshes my mind. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle. I feel over the moon about this activity and I also believe that every person should know about this. So, this is the daily routine that I enjoy regularly.

Sample Answer (4)

Introduction: What it is:

One daily routine that I thoroughly enjoy is my morning yoga practice. This routine consists of a series of physical postures and breathing exercises that I perform in the comfort of my own home.

Where and when you do it:

I usually begin my practice around 6:00 am, before the hustle and bustle of the day have a chance to fully commence. As the sun rises, I set up my mat in my living room and begin my practice. I find that the early morning light provides the perfect ambiance for my practice, as it sets a serene and meditative tone.

Explain why you enjoy it:

I prefer to practice alone, as I find that it allows me to fully immerse myself in the experience without any distractions. However, I also enjoy practicing with a small group of friends on occasion.

I find that my morning yoga practice is an excellent way to start my day. Not only does it provide a great physical workout, but it also helps me to clear my mind and focus on the present moment. I find that the breathing exercises and postures help to calm my mind, allowing me to approach the day with a sense of clarity and tranquility. Additionally, I appreciate the fact that yoga can be tailored to suit any fitness level, making it an inclusive and adaptable form of exercise.


Overall, my morning yoga practice is a daily routine that I truly treasure. It not only provides physical benefits, but it also helps me to cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance that I carry with me throughout the day.


1.Should children have learning routines?

Yes, children should have learning routines. Having a routine helps children to establish a sense of predictability and stability in their lives, which can be beneficial for their overall development and well-being. It also helps to create a structure for their learning, allowing them to focus and retain information more effectively.

2. What are the advantages of children having a routine at school?

The advantages of children having a routine at school include improved academic performance, increased focus and attention, and better time management skills. Having a structured routine also helps children to develop self-discipline and responsibility, which are important life skills.

3. Does having a routine make kids feel more secure at school?

Yes, having a routine can make kids feel more secure at school. Children thrive on routine and predictability, and when they know what to expect, it can reduce feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. It also helps them to feel more in control of their environment and their learning.

4. How do people’s routines differ on weekdays and weekends?

People’s routines can differ significantly on weekdays and weekends. On weekdays, people typically have a more structured routine, with set times for work, school, and other responsibilities. On the weekends, people tend to have more flexibility in their schedule and may engage in more leisure activities.

5. What daily routines people have at home?

Daily routines at home can vary depending on the individual and their lifestyle. Some common routines include waking up at a specific time, making breakfast, getting ready for the day, engaging in household chores, and spending time with family. Other people may have more specific routines, such as a morning exercise routine or a bedtime routine for children.

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