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Computer VS paper

Difference between Computer-delivered exam VS paper-based exam in 2022

Whether you planning to immigrate or study in an English-speaking country the first and foremost step is to take an English proficiency test. IELTS being the most widely accepted test become a choice for most of us. Ever since IELTS has introduced computer-delivered exams most people are in a dilemma the choose between the two Paper-based exams or computer-delivered exams. In this definition, we will discuss an overall difference between the two.
Here I’m not going to recommend which one should you choose but once you know the differences between the two I’m sure you will be able to choose between the two depending upon your convenience. Let’s begin to see what are the differences between the two exams.

Difficulty level? (Paper vs computer )
Many people think that computer-delivered exam is easier than paper-based exam but that is not true. The difficulty level for both the exams is exactly the same and both the exams are marked on the same parameters so there is no differences in the difficulty level.

Results (Paper vs computer )
In a computer-delivered exam, you get your result within 5 to 7 working days. Whereas in a paper-based exam you have to wait for 13 working days to get your result.

Writing(Paper vs computer )
If I talk about the writing section of the IELTS exam the difference between computer-delivered and paper-based is that is paper-based. You will be using a pen or a pencil to write your exam whereas on a computer-delivered test you will be typing your essays and letters with the keyboard. So you must decide depending upon your typing speed and your handwriting.

Obviously, in the computer-delivered exam you do not have to worry about your handwriting whether it’s legible or not, but in paper-based your handwriting should be good enough and legible enough for the examiner to understand what you write. There is one plus point in the computer-delivered exam and that is there is an on-screen word counter when you are writing your essay and letter.

So you do not have to worry just like we have to do it manually in the paper-based exam. So, if you think that is this a plus point you can opt for a computer-delivered exam. There is one misconception regarding the writing exam and that is many people think that your spelling errors and grammatical errors will be highlighted just like they are highlighted in MS Word or other writing platforms, but it doesn’t happen in the exam so make sure you check the spellings and grammatical errors.

Listening (Paper vs computer )
If we talk about the listening section of the exam. Although the exam is exactly the same that is you get 30 minutes to listen to the audio and then you answer depending upon the audio, the difference is that in the paper-based exam you get extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet, however, it doesn’t happen in the computer-delivered exam because you have to write your answer while listening to the audio and in the end your get only two minutes just to check your answers.

Reading (Paper vs computer )
Let’s talk about the reading section again the exam is exactly the same, you have 60 minutes, 40 questions three passages. There is one difference that in a paper-based exam and there is a clock on the wall and you have to keep checking the time yourself and calculate the time yourself to know. How much time is left for your exam, whereas in the computer-delivered exam there is an on-screen clock which keeps reminding you about the time left.

Also in the computer-based delivered exam the copy and paste function in the reading section for a few questions. You have to answer exactly words from the passage there you can copy the word from the passage and paste into your answer. So there’ll be fewer chances of error, especially the spelling errors. So this is one plus point.
I hope after reading this. you’ll be able to choose between the two exams whether should be taken computer-based or paper-based. It all depends on your convenience whether you are comfortable with a pen and paper-based test or a computer-delivered exam.

The key is scoring high in IELTS is practice. You can find free IELTS material on this site for both AC and GT. So whichever exam you choose computer-delivered or paper-based keep practicing before the exam. If you have any questions related to IELTS please leave them in the comments below and I will defiantly answer all your question.

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