About IELTS ?

What is IELTS? and it pattern or format?

IELTS is an International English language testing system. This evaluates your English proficiency on the basis of
Receptive skills
• Productive skills.
The receptive skills are listening and reading
The productive skills are writing and speaking.
There are two categories of IELTS General and Academic
The general test needs to be taken by people who move to English-speaking countries for the purpose of PR or jobs, whereas academic has to be taken by the people who move to English speaking countries for the purpose of higher studies or any other course, but please check which exam you are supposed to write before you register for the exam.
Now listening which is your first test is going to be for 40 minutes and reading for 60 minutes. Writing will be for 60 minutes and speaking for 12 to 15 minutes. Listening, reading and writing are going to take one place on one day at a stretch which means for 2hours and 40 minutes you won’t have any break in between the tests whereas speaking is going to take place either on the same day in the span of 7 days or after listening, reading and writing tests. This depends on the schedule that you get from IDP.

About IELTS listening?

Let’s start with listening now as I told you it going to be your first test will have four sections. These sections are in the order of difficulty that is the first section is going to be the easiest whereas the fourth one is going to be the meet difficult please make sure that you write the answer into the question booklet it’s a simultaneous process of listening and writing you need to answer the 40 questions whilst you listen to the audio at the end of the test you will get the 10 minutes to transfer the answers from the question booklet to an answer sheet which will be provided to you.

About IELTS reading?

Let’s, move on to reading now reading is different for general and academic tests unlike listening and speaking are the same for general and academic reading has three sections for both general and academic. The general test will have one or two texts based upon which you need to answer 40 questions. These are in the order of difficulty which means section 1 is going to be the easiest whereas section 3 is going to be a little difficult this is to say that the passage can be a little lengthier or the language could be just a little difficult.

On the other hand, academic you’ll have one long passage each section based upon which you need to answer 40 questions make sure that you write the answer straight into the answer sheet because you don’t get here any extra time to transfer the answer from the question booklet to any other answer sheet.

About IELTS writing?

Let’s look at writing even this section is a little different for general and academic both writing will have 2 tasks task 1 and task 2, in general, you will have a letter in task 1 and an essay in task 2 in academic tests you’ll have to summarize a text and in task 2 you have an essay.

This letter could be formal, informal, or semi-formal but these summaries here in academic will be on the basis of the image that could be in the form of charts graphs or diagrams in both the test. you will have 20 minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2 for task 1 let it be general or academic you must write at least 150 words and 250 words at least on task 2. this is to say that there is a minimum threshold of world limit if you write below that you will get a penalty. there is no upper limit.

About IELTS speaking?

Let’s have a look at speaking is basically a one-one interaction between the examiner and the candidate which is recorded. Speaking has three sections in all, sections one has a brief introduction which would be followed by a short question and answer conversation but two will be an individual speaking in this the examiner will give you a topic just begun on which will have to speak for one to two minutes but the way you’ll have a minute to prepare the examiner won’t interrupt in the least whilst you speak. Part 3 is a discussion here the examiner will ask you about five to six questions based upon the topic that was given to you in part 2 please make sure you relax and speak as much as you can that’s is about IELTS format.

IELTS exam Fees 2022 – 14500/-

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