23 July IELTS exam prediction 2022, Important PDFs 100%

23 July IELTS exam prediction  for Morning or evening slot


Section 1: blanks (two words) slow

Section 2: Long MCQ+Table Completion+pick from a list

Section 3: Short MCQ+Lebelling a diagram+ Summary

Section 4: Fill ups (one word) Fast

overall level: EASY

Important material: Click here



Passage 1: Blanks+T/F/NG+Match names/years (*15 Minutes)

Passage 2: Long MCQ+T/F/NG+Summary  (*20 Minutes)

Passage 3: Fill ups+ Y/N/NG+ Match sentence ending (*25 Minutes)

Overall level: Mod-Hard

(* You should spend time on each passage)

Important Reading PDF: Click here


TASK 1: Line, Process, Map

                + combination +multiple graphs

TASK 2: Agree/Disagree

              Advantage outweigh Disadvantages

              Positive & Negative

               + Direct question type

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People also ask:

Q1. 23 July IELTS exam will be easy or hard?

Answer: Yes, this exam will be easy because the source said.

Q2. 23 July IELTS exam’s reading will be easy or not?

Answer: The level of reading in this exam will be EASY MOD neither easy nor MOD

Q3. 23 July IELTS exam’s listening will be easy or not?

Answer: Yes, listening will be super easy in this exam so don’t worry. Speed will slow in the last section you can hear every single word.

Q4. Which question type of task 2 has a higher chance to appear in the 23 July exam?

Answer: There will be a higher chance of Line, Process, Map.

Q5. Can GT students also take the 23 July IELTS exam?

Answer: Yes, this exam will be for both General and Academic students.

Q6. The pattern of the 23 July exam will be changed?

Answer: The sequence of the IELTS exam has changed from LRW to WLR. First, there was listening, then there was reading, at the end there was writing but now it has changed with Writing, Listening, and Reading.

Q7. Those who take the IELTS exam on 23 July can pass the exam?

Answer: yes definitely this exam will going to be easy. 

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