2 March 2023 IELTS exam prediction

explanation of the 2 March 2023 IELTS exam prediction:


  • Section 1: This section will contain blanks with two words, and the pace will be slow.
  • Section 2: The questions in this section will include a selection of words, a map, and a summary.
  • Section 3: The questions in this section will include short multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, and short answer questions.
  • Section 4: This section will include long multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blanks with one word, and the pace will be fast.
  • Level: The listening test will be easy overall.


  • Passage 1: This passage will include headings, true/false/not given questions, and blanks.
  • Passage 2: This passage will include true/false/not given questions, matching, and identifying information.
  • Passage 3: This passage will include yes/no/not given questions, a flow chart, and matching features.
  • Level: The reading test will be moderate overall.


  • Task 1: The academic writing task will include a map, a pie chart, a table, and a combination of multiple graphs. One graph will be selected from these types, so it is recommended to prepare for all of them.
  • Task 2: The essay question will include agreeing or disagreeing, positive or negative aspects, discussing both views, and direct question types. It is recommended to prepare for all of these types of questions.


  • Introduction Questions: The first 15 questions in the speaking test will be important.
  • Cue-Card: The first 22 cue cards will be important in the speaking test.
  • Note: The speaking prediction will be 100% correct, but it only applies to the IELTSKING Jan-Apr
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